Bristol is the best place for tech jobs (Image Credit: Matthew Gerrard on Unsplash)Bristol has come out top for tech jobs according to the CompTIA 2022 UK Tech Town Index. The index looks at growth, pay opportunity and affordability of housing in determining the best place to work. While Bristol might not have as many job opportunities as London, it does offer a good mix of office and remote working jobs. Additionally, the median salary for tech workers in Bristol is £39,864, 46% higher than the median salary across all occupations.

What will also appeal to many tech workers is that Bristol has a thriving start-up scene. Of the companies looked at in this report, only 15% were classified as being established. That is well below the 28% across the rest of the UK. It means that workers can get in at the start of the journey for these companies.

William Remes, vice president, EMEA, at CompTIA (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
William Remes, vice president, EMEA, at CompTIA

“Each of these cities and towns offer a host of opportunities for technology professionals and a great deal of choices for an ideal work-life balance, whether you are already in the industry or you’re looking for new career opportunities,” said William Remes, vice president, EMEA, at CompTIA.

“As the Tech Town Index shows, the UK is home to several growing tech communities that collectively make up one of the largest national tech sectors in the world.”

What are Bristol employers looking for?

According to the report, employers in Bristol are looking for tech workers across most roles. Software designers and engineers, IT support specialists, system engineers and architects, IT project managers and web developers are just some of the open job roles. Those with skills in these areas, such as SQL databases and programming can expect a warm welcome from employers.

It is not just start-ups that are hiring in the Bristol area. British Telecom, the NHS, Boeing, Oracle and Dyson are just some of the large employers hiring in the town.

From August 2021 to July 2022, over 37,272 jobs were advertised. Of those, 13,879 were remote. It means just over 37% of all tech jobs in Bristol were for remote working. The pandemic showed that most tech jobs could be done remotely, especially in areas such as programming and cybersecurity. It has meant that tech workers in those areas are likelier to want to stay away from the office.

If not Bristol, where else?

In second place this year was Manchester which has a well-established tech hub. Surprisingly, its median salary for IT Pros is just £38,685, and just over 38% of all job roles are remote. Cybersecurity, AR/VR and gaming are just some of the sectors that are establishing themselves in Manchester. These jobs will likely appeal to tech workers looking to enter emerging sectors. Key employers in Manchester include the NHS, Accenture, PwC, British Telecom and NatWest group,

Third place in this year’s report was Cambridge which has had a highly profitable tech sector for some time. Medical research and related tech are well established in Cambridge, which shows in some of the companies hiring in the area. The NHS and AstraZeneca are two of the top employers in that area. In terms of median salary, it has one of the highest at £41,625.

Those cities in 4-10 place were Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Belfast and Newcastle.

Unsurprisingly, London was the top location for the number of jobs and median salary (£49,685). It also has the largest employer pool and arguably the largest start-up scene in the UK. But, the cost of living in London, even for those commuting in and out of the city, makes it very expensive.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Chasing money is no longer the prime objective of employees. Remote working and a job with a future are key demands. Alongside that is the affordability of living and access to the rest of the country based on rail and road networks.

The willingness to work at a start-up is often overlooked but increasingly of interest in the tech sector. Get in early at a start-up, and the chances of promotion are good. Another benefit is often the opportunity for share options that can be realised when the company is sold or goes public. Talk to those looking to join start-ups, and that is often cited as a reason for them being interested.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this report is how the lead city changes over time. In 2019, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds took the top spots. A year later, it was Leeds, Birmingham and Belfast. This time it is Bristol, Manchester and Cambridge. It shows how fluid the job market is in the tech sector and how jobs move around. It is often based on large employers moving projects to different locations.

This report provides useful information for anyone looking to make a tech move, especially those who want remote working.



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