Adobe (credit image/Pixabay/Chau Nguyen)Adobe has unveiled new automation and collaboration features across Adobe Creative Cloud and the Adobe product portfolio. The new solutions have helped small and mid-sized businesses modernise workflows while embracing new frontiers in creativity and productivity. Additionally, Adobe has announced new partnerships with Mastercard, Etsy and Meta. These partnerships are expected to provide SMBs with special access to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud.

Technology must help SMBs grow. Not get in the way,” said Claire Darley, vice president, digital media GTM and sales at Adobe. “Millions of small businesses rely on Adobe technology, and our new innovations remove complexity, improve collaboration and automate repetitive tasks. This enables businesses to focus on creating customer-delighting digital experiences.”

New Creative Cloud capabilities to support SMBs

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Clare Darley)
Claire Darley, vice president, digital media GTM and sales at Adobe

Adobe is democratising access to powerful creativity tools on any device, enabling everyone to create compelling content. Advancements across Creative Cloud enable SMBs to easily move between interoperable apps, leveraging the best tool for each task. Additionally, businesses can access fonts and stock photos, illustration, video and 3D assets right within the apps. Adobe says this will enable enterprises to stay efficient and focus on running their businesses.

New app-specific capabilities include:

  • Adobe Express supports SMBs, including businesses run by Adobe Express Ambassadors Maia Faddoul, Katie Kortman, Nikki McWilliams and Nelly Ruthenbeck. It enables the creation of impactful social media posts based upon thousands of templates. These templates can be customised within the app or accessed within Adobe Fonts for blank canvas testing. Content scheduling and colour palette recommendations have been added. New Adobe Acrobat integrations enable SMBs to design cover pages, section dividers and more, directly and easily within Acrobat
  • Share for Review (beta) allows users to share a version-specific link to a Photoshop or Illustrator file. Then automatically flow reviewers’ comments back into the app, eliminating the need to juggle between different tools for feedback. Designers can now choose to co-edit a live file with invite to edit. Or share a specific version of a file with Share for Review
  • AI powered by Adobe Sensei delivers new capabilities across Creative Cloud. It simplifies and automates repetitive tasks in After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Substance 3D and more. This enables SMBs to bring their ideas efficiently and intuitively to life. Using Substance 3D, Australian architectural 3D rendering and animation company Binyan Studios is developing 3D assets for clients two to 10 times faster than ever before

New document cloud and experience cloud capabilities

Adobe also announced new capabilities for SMBs across Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. These span popular applications including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage.

  • Adobe Acrobat introduced free web-based watermarking, cropping, redaction, OCR, stamping, certifying and page numbering tools to take actions on documents. Additional features include branded agreement templates with a company’s name, logo and custom URL. Conversion of any document into a web form; automated sending of one document to many people for e-signatures. In addition to an option to send payments with e-signed agreements
  • Adobe Commerce enables retailers to incorporate Walmart’s, PayPal’s and FedEx’s enterprise-grade solutions, enabling merchants to offer an omnichannel customer experience
  • Adobe Marketo Engage adds a new, entry-level automation package that helps SMBs automate and scale their marketing efforts. This includes quick start templates for e-mails, landing pages, forms and campaigns that SMBs can quickly edit and launch. Cloning ability for campaign workflows; and tokens for emails, landing pages or campaigns will personalise the customer experience and lead to higher conversions.

New partnerships support creativity and productivity for SMB customers

Adobe also announced that it is partnering with trusted SMB-supporting brands to support their business goals.

  • Etsy: During Etsy’s Holiday Edition event, 5.3 million sellers received four-month premium trials of Adobe Express. This enabled them to create standout product listings, promotional design graphics, social media content, logos and more
  • Mastercard BusinessCard and World Elite Mastercard for Business cardholders can access more than 20 Adobe Creative Cloud applications. This includes Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express, that unlock the ability of collaboration and imagination to build your brand and grow your business. Mastercard BusinessCard cardholders will receive two complimentary months when they purchase any new prepaid annual Creative Cloud for individual subscriptions. World Elite Mastercard for Business cardholders will enjoy four complimentary months on any new prepaid annual Creative Cloud for individual subscriptions
  • Meta: Adobe has partnered with Meta to offer “Express Your Brand.” A training programme providing free education and tools that empower SMBs to grow their presence and visibility online. The programme includes resources, tools and a community for a diverse group of SMBs. Including granting annual Adobe Express premium subscriptions to 10,000 Black, Latinx and Hispanic-owned businesses

Small business owners are doing more with less today – simultaneously playing roles in operations, finance, sales, customer engagement and more. But without some of the critical tools and resources to get the job done effectively and efficiently,” said Ginger Siegel, North America small business lead at Mastercard. “Partnering with Adobe, we’re empowering our small business cardholders to eliminate the ‘guess work’ and ‘hard work’ when designing, building and growing their businesses.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Last week Adobe announced new research revealing the growing importance of brands understanding customers on a personal level. Furthermore, the need for brands to interact with them as individuals, in real-time. In the digital economy, small and medium-sized enterprises must work faster and smarter than ever before – and technology can help. Technology can help businesses, particularly SMBs understand the needs and requirements of their customers. SMBs tend to have less resources available to achieve their objectives. Adobe’s own research found that nearly 70% of SMBs now depend on digital solutions to do more with less. This is amidst labour shortages with 77% saying ongoing uncertainty has compelled them to look for new ways to collaborate. The new innovations released by Adobe look remarkable and comprehensive, since they cover a wide array of cloud solutions. Intrigued, since these innovations are aimed to help enterprises remove the complexity and enhance customer experience.


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