Optimizely (credit image/Pixabay/Wynn Pointaux)Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP) provider enabling Boundless Digital Invention has launched Real-Time Segmentation. A new offering that allows marketers to segment customers in the moment of engagement to deliver highly-relevant, personalised digital experiences.

Real-Time Segmentation integrates across all Optimizely products and leverages “fresh data” to reflect the true state of an audience. This approach eliminates data refresh intervals that often result in delayed customer insight. Using a streaming and on-demand approach that enables low data latency, customer data is guaranteed to be of the moment.

Customer expectations for exceptional, consistent digital experiences across all channels have increased dramatically. Now, consumers don’t just want personalisation, they demand it. Recent industry data by McKinsey found that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. Furthermore, 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. It also found that the companies that excel at personalisation generate 40% more revenue. Unfortunately, many brands continue to struggle with delivering true value through personalisation efforts.

Next generation personalisation

Real-Time Segmentation enables next-generation personalisation that is relational, observant, and informative. Driven by assets, behaviours, and customer attributes, customer messaging comes across as helpful rather than pushy or superfluous.

“Too often, a brand will deliver a first-time purchase discount code a few minutes after the first purchase has been made,” said Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Justin Anovick)
Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely.

“This can be incredibly frustrating as a consumer. Real-Time Segmentation supports brands to not only be timelier, but also more confident in their messaging. It takes into account that behind every data set is a human being. It creates real-time engagements that slowly build customer affinity and loyalty,” Anovick added.

The product works across Optimizely’s offerings. The company says it enables a new level of precision and confidence for marketers and digital leaders. Using first party data, brands can deeply personalise customer engagement, content and offers. Real-Time Segmentation is currently available in beta to select customers.

Optimizely roadmap includes new and novel ways to harmonise enterprise data from across the customer journey. The company’s initiatives plan to quickly develop integrated understanding, and activate based on behaviour-based insights. Optimizely has already announce the following product updates to empower data-driven marketers to unlock their digital potential.

Product roadmap

The company is also expected to launch a new standard in data management for all Optimizely products. The new standard is expected to provide data-driven marketers with an essential CDP, integrated reports and dashboards. These new features are expected to provide new insights into the customer journey.

Prebuilt integrations are being planned and the free flow of data to support marketers to compose new solutions.  These new solutions are expected to deliver customer experience for the desired business impact.

These new prebuilt integrations include:

  • Connect all Optimizely products with one-click integrations.
  • Harmonise tech stack and grow with Optimizely.
  • Reveal the customer context in new reports.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

One of the biggest challenges facing brands and retailers today involves customer data management. The failure to unlock this potential is holding marketers back from creating exceptional experiences that drive consumer engagement. As result, Optimizely is making some serious updates to its data management products. This includes its Customer Data Platform (CDP), Recommendations & Personalisation, integrations and more. The competition in the digital experience platform continues to intensify, with Acquia, Adobe and Sitecore continually enhancing their tools. It’s a sensible move on the part of Optimizely to unveil its whole roadmap for the rest of the year. At the same time it has launched Real-Time Segmentation. A new capability works across all products to continuously refresh customer data.


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