eacs and Mode become Espria - Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay Connection Capital-backed Mode Solutions has announced a new brand, Espria, for its portfolio company after it acquired eacs in June 2022. Espria is an independent provider of cloud, unified communications and document solutions. It will combine the digital managed services expertise across IT, cloud, communications and connectivity, hybrid/remote working and document solutions under a single umbrella. It believes it can become a single source supplier for organisations enabling them to focus on their customers rather than managing multiple vendors and relationships.

Espria will focus on the UK market and offer solutions appropriate to the client organisation without specific ties to any vendor. Its website does not yet proclaim the same partnerships that eacs had to build up with the likes of Lenovo, Microsoft, NetApp, Nutanix, Palo Alto, Veeam and VMware. It lists those that presumably Mode worked with, including Ricoh, Xerox, BT, PA Business, Virtual1, Docuware, Ericsson, LG and Gamma. Client sectors include finance, legal, retail, healthcare, hospitality and others. What will be interesting to see is how these relationships develop and which organisations it moves forward with.

The rise of outsourcing

As companies focus on what matters, they may need to find a trusted partner to provide services around the digital transformation they know they need but don’t have the expertise to complete. Espria aims to provide that service.

Alex Tupman, CEO of Espria
Alex Tupman, CEO of Espria

Alex Tupman, CEO of Espria, commented: “Business leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, desperate to continue recovery, and on the other, facing economic uncertainty. How can organisations increase revenue and capitalise on opportunities at a time when they are financially constrained and facing a highly unpredictable future? The answer for many organisations is to actively outsource elements of their operations allowing them time to focus on their customers to drive business forward, without major long-term investment or risk.

“IT outsourcing is now well established as a key driver of increased business agility and resilience. Our unique offering, underpinned by a dynamic, fresh brand, brings together an extended range of digital solutions designed to help businesses power their digital transformation and workspace.

“As we come out of one crisis, and now face cost of living challenges, companies are placing a higher reliance on tools to communicate and collaborate online to realise better value. In tandem, customer demands have pushed businesses to embrace new technologies, including hybrid working, which offer faster and more convenient experiences. Many organisations struggle to deliver this effectively, which is why outsourcing has become the most viable option. Espria was born to address this challenge, bringing together best-in-class providers under a single brand.

“In essence, business leaders can focus on what matters most for them – managing built-up debt, reducing costs and growing revenues, safe in the knowledge their IT infrastructure is operating efficiently and securely.” 

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It is often an expensive move to rebrand a company, which is not a decision that Capital will take lightly. It believes a new brand and messaging is right for the new organisation. The reason may have been that eacs appears to have more employees than Mode.

Now combined, the organisation has more than 200 employees. The acquisition was described in the announcement as transformational as it continues to deliver growth organically and inorganically. There is no indication that the larger organisation will stop acquiring. The release stated that BlackRock provided debt facilities for the deal “alongside further acquisition facilities to support Mode’s future acquisitions.”

It will be interesting to see where it turns next. Will it continue expanding consultancy into cloud and infrastructure services, or will it turn to the software market?


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