Salesforce (credit image/Pixabay/fancycrave1)Salesforce has unveiled new Customer 360 innovations that the company says will provide enterprises with powerful automation and intelligence technologies. Salesforce expect these innovations drive efficient growth and deliver personalised customer experiences at scale, helping customers do more with less.

Salesforce’s own research has suggested automating manual tasks helps businesses provide better customer and employee experiences. In fact, 91% of organizations say they need automation technology, but only 23% have implemented it across business functions. And, as customer expectations continue to rise, the need for more automated, intelligent processes has increased. 86% of consumers say their experience with a brand matter as much as products. 57% prefer to engage on digital channels.

Benefitting from intelligence and automation

Companies of all types can benefit from intelligence and automation technology. With these innovations, sales teams can use bots to answer customer questions and close deals faster. Benefits caseworkers can better serve constituents by automating the delivery of public services like healthcare and housing, previously a tedious and manual process. Marketers can automate how they engage with customers across channels, enabling them to respond immediately to actions with relevant content. Customers calling a contact centre can get their requests solved instantly with AI-powered bots. Alternatively routed to the appropriate channel based on their activity on the company’s website. And retailers can quickly deliver new digital promotions to shoppers. Furthermore, find the fastest way to get their product into the hands of customers.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/David Schmaier)
David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce

According to David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce, “In times of uncertainty, it’s critical for companies to focus on greater intelligence and efficiency. While staying flexible and resilient to external pressures and changes in customer expectations.

“With Salesforce Customer 360, businesses can automate to save time and money so they can spend their valuable resources on what matters. Driving intelligent and personalized customer and employee experiences.

Salesforce says its Salesforce Customer 360 can be the single source of truth for every customer. The solution delivers end-to-end automation and AI on a low-code, highly scalable platform. It connects data across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more so companies can personalise every interaction and drive efficient growth.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

With challenging market conditions like inflation, supply chain disruption and labour shortages, it’s vital that companies invest in technology that improves operational efficiencies. These solutions should keep employees productive while still delivering the great experiences today’s customers have come to expect. Salesforce has continued to roll out a product roadmap with additional enhancements to Customer 360, enhancing its AI and automation components. The company has the lofty aim that its 360 platform becomes that single source of truth for enterprises. However, a possible gap in the armour of the tool appears to be social media marketing. Social networks like TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have the power to reach billions of consumers with your company’s message and give the public an outlet for talking about your company. At this stage, it is uncertain if social media monitoring capabilities exist in the Salesforce 360 platform. Enterprises need the ability to tune into conversations happening online to see what people are saying about you, your products, your competition. Hopefully such functionality is in the platform or high up Salesforce’s product roadmap for Customer 360.


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