Business Tip Image by Pete Linforth from PixabayThis is the 38th in a series of business tips from industry leaders that Enterprise Times has interviewed.  Shanthi Rajan is currently the CEO and founder of Linarc. It is the third company she founded, and Enterprise Times interviewed her a few weeks ago about the startup aiming to make a difference in the construction industry.

She previously co-founded two other companies, including Business Evolution Inc. What lessons from that experience did you bring to bear in Linux that you can share?

“At Business Evolution, we built out two products. One was in the immersive learning space, and IBM acquired that. The second is the first omnichannel eCommerce service and enablement platform. When companies were doing IRC chat, we had a product that went the gambit of phone calls to chat. We included product tracking for the customer, all of that.

“As the CTO of Business Evolution, the biggest growth I had was developing the mindset that you think of the customer and what problems would be right to solve for them. Letting technology support that vision, rather than coming from it. I know how to build this technology. That was the biggest value that I took from that. That was the reason for the success of Business Evolution; we understood customer problems and leveraged technology to support that.

“Also, when we started Business Evolution, my personal understanding of technology, and how to learn more and more new technologies and adapt them was phenomenal. Today, as I’m running Linarc, I read bits and pieces about technology, and I’m able to place it to leverage it for Linarc.

“Also, team building; we built a big team at Business Evolution, what it means to be a founder and a leader for a company—building a team and engineering team in India and a sales office and customer office here. It has its own challenges. The groundwork for all of that came from Business Evolution.”

Tip for an entrepreneur

Do you have any further lessons since you started Linarc that you could offer as a tip to an entrepreneur?

“If you look at all the different products that I’ve done, it’s always been in spaces that I didn’t know a lot about when I first started, whether it was eLearning or eCommerce. When it comes to the construction industry, this is a very different ballgame because it’s an old industry.

“When you enter an industry like this, it’s very different from building something completely for the tech-based world. My biggest tip for  a budding entrepreneur is to know your customer and audience much more before you start thinking you can build something for that audience.”


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