Gavel Law (Image credit PIxabay/ActivediaAnalytic Partners has announced the appointment of Luis Vacanti as General Counsel. Vacanti will lead the analytics vendor’s legal operations and advise the leadership on all things legal. This includes data, IP and cross-border matters according to the release, which signals the company’s intention for international growth. That growth was accelerated by the investment of Onex Partners in February this year.

Omar Dennis, Chief Strategy Officer, commented: “Analytic Partners is in an exciting new phase of scalable growth, with a corresponding increase in the complexity of our legal needs.

“Luis’ experience will be instrumental in ensuring we’re prepared for change, and will support our continued work to drive innovation, deliver new customer solutions, and accelerate company growth for our customers. We’re extremely happy that Luis is joining us and look forward to working with him as we continue to expand our offering to help our customers adapt, evolve and thrive.”

Vacanti joins from Wizeline, where he was deputy General Counsel. He spent five years at WarnerMedia and has international experience at Clara Video, which operates in the US, South America and Europe. He began his legal career at White & Case, where he gained a breadth of business experience that will be useful in his new role.

Vacanti is also an investor in YipitData, a company that identifies, screens, licenses, cleans, and analyzes alternative data to help investors answer their key questions. Likely, his understanding of YipitData’s challenges will also help in his new role.

Luis Vacanti, General Councel, Analytics Partners
Luis Vacanti, General Councel, Analytics Partners

Vacanti commented: “It is a particularly exciting time to join the company for many reasons. Analytics Partners is the leading managed software platform for the analysis of marketing spend effectiveness and optimization of marketing spend. The company is also experiencing significant growth with current and new global customers.

“Finally, as an immigrant, Analytics Partners’ commitment to diversity, including at the executive level, was very important to me. I’m looking forward to working with this well-established team and supporting the company’s initiatives.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Appointing a General Counsel is another step in the rapid growth trajectory that Analytics Partners is undertaking. Rather than using external counsel, it will mean that the leadership has access to expert legal expertise that can advise on high-level strategy and the detail required to remain within the law, especially around the increasingly complex area of international data privacy.

While this is Vacanti’s first appointment as General Counsel, it seems a good fit. What will be interesting is to see how Analytic Partners leverage his expertise and how he evolves the strategy from now on. To date, the company does not have an office in South America; with Vacanti’s advice, will that now happen?


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