Blockchain Catch-upThis is Charles Brett’s start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ 2022-Week 33. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective.

It is not intended to be comprehensive but does seek to highlight ‘Quick Takes’ on specific developments as well as interesting pieces to read, a listing of some (not all) announcements/press releases and pointers to upcoming events.

Quick Take(s) – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up 2022-Week 33

Nothing of sufficient consequence this mid-August week.

7 pieces to read – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up 2022-Week 33

Selected announcements/press releases/opinions – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up 2022-Week 33

  • 10 blockchain startups to watch (opinion)
  • 10 blockchain speakers who make it easy to understand (opinion)
  • The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Primer (announcement)
  • Chainstack announces support for NEAR (announcement)
  • Celestia: Launching a blockchain to be as easy as deploying a smart contract (announcement)
  • Blockchain firm Skynet Labs shutters after failing to get new funding (announcement)
  • Blockchain Technology Global Market Report 2022: unprecedented losses sustained in the supply chain bodes well for integration blockchain to enhance resilience and reliability (announcement).

Selected events

  • CordaCon 2022 (27th-28th September, 2022)
  • United World Blockchange Conference 2022 (7th October, 2022)
  • Bitcoin Amsterdam (12th-14th October, 2022)
  • LA Blockchain Summit 2022 (1st-3rd November, 2022)
  • Crypto and Digital Assets Summit – Winter Edition (28th November, 2022)
  • Bitcoin Conference (18th-20th May, 2023).


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