Stravito and KnowledgeHound (2) 2022 StravitoStravito users can now take advantage of a new integration and partnership with KnowledgeHound, a leading search-based survey analysis platform. The combination enables joint Stravito KnowledgeHound users to leverage the data within KnowledgeHound. It will provide them with a data insights platform that offers a centralised view of all their research data.

Knowledge Hound collates and cleans survey data from platforms such as Qualtrics, Momentive, AYTM, Toluna and 1Q. Stravito provides visualisation and insights. The combination is powerful, allowing their joint customers to turn data into charts and graphs that provide insights for presentations, analysis and insights to drive business innovation.

Joint customers such as Danone can see increased value from both solutions. It will enable them to review customer survey data alongside unstructured data, so they always analyse it in the full context.

Thor Olof Philogéne, Stravito Founder and CEO
Thor Olof Philogéne, Stravito Founder and CEO

Thor Olof Philogéne, Stravito Founder and CEO, commented: “Stravito’s vision is to keep knowledge alive and in use, and our partnership with KnowledgeHound moves us closer to achieving this.

“Integrating its search API into the Stravito platform ensures users extract the most value out of their survey data to identify meaningful insights, unlock opportunity and truly move business forward.”

Stronger in combination

Users can decide whether to continue using the features within KnowledgeHound users or Stravito. Within Stravito, operators can set appropriate access levels to the data within KnowledgeHound. It means if data from Qualtric employee surveys are available, these can be limited if appropriate

Laura Baker, CEO of KnowledgeHound, said, “Separately, Stravito and KnowledgeHound offer powerful data mining that help businesses grow and succeed. When combined in a single interface, they form a one-stop insights shop allowing teams to truly search, analyze and integrate insights into business strategy so they can accurately respond to market challenges, conduct long-term planning, and make informed decisions.

“We’re excited to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation while further moving organizations towards a single source of truth.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

For two solutions to announce a partnership for what initially appears merely an integration raises questions. The relationship between the two platforms could be seen as coopetitive. What is missing from this announcement is whether there is a joint go-to-market with discounts offered for the combined solution or a discount if a customer that owns KnowledgeHound wishes to purchase Stravito.

If there is a lot of cross-selling, could this lead to a merger between the two firms? According to Crunchbase, KnowledgeHound last received funding in 2016, a Series A that raised $2.7 million. In contrast, Stravito raised €12.4 million in September 2021 in a round led by Endeit Capital. Endeit perceived Stravito as a scale-up. Will it invest more to combine the two companies? Importantly it would give the combined organisation presence in Europe and the US.

If few synergies between the two companies and customer sets are found, this partnership may end quietly. Not only was there no announcement around marketing, but there was also no indication of how the integration and synergies between the two platforms would improve going forward.


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