Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayPlanview completed the acquisition of TaskTop. It saw the TaskTop investors retain a minority share in Planview rather than exiting. Other updates this week were few and far between, with Clovine unveiling several small updates. Other SaaS-based companies revealing improvements include Accelo, easyprojects, Kantata and Scoro.


Mandy Auger, VP of Product at Accelo, revealed the progress to date in 2022 on development and a new focus for the coming quarter. Auger highlighted some of the updates they have released recently, including the updates for Project Invoicing and the task board beta. Auger also revealed that the second half of the year would see a tighter focus on major initiatives such as:

  • Continuing to add improvements to the user experience across the most used areas of the platform. The blog gave a sneak preview of a new Sales View Screen
  • A complete re-platform and redesign of the mobile app to provide an experience targeted to the users who spend their time on the go
  • Timesheets and cost and profit permissions to deliver greater flexibility
  • Improvements to the invoicing functionality to ensure that clients can collect payments quickly and effectively
  • Updates to the Xero, Office 365 and Salesforce integrations


There is an improvement to the Date Rollup rule within easyprojects. The project (or parent activity) start and end dates are automatically calculated when enabled. If dates are changed for child tasks, the dates roll up to the parent project or task, and it is not possible to change the parent task dates. If disabled, the “project start dates” control “child task start dates”. The new setting applies at a project or account level.


Updates continue to flow out for Kantata OX (Mavenlink).This week, improvements include cross-project scheduling and resource management. Cross-Project Scheduling can now be enabled via the Early Access page. Cross-Project Scheduling lets users view team members scheduled hours and task assignments across other projects. They can also add and edit scheduled hours in the resource centre. There are also changes to the naming conventions within Resource Management:

  • Planning” in the left navigation becomes Resourcing
  • Master Planning” becomes Resource Centre
  • Resource Planner” is now Resourcing in the project workspace


Scoro announced July updates, including project deadlines, task bundles and time billing. The development team are also working on retrospective linking of cost documents and simpler export options.

If a project is overdue, Scoro highlights the number of days overdue in red. However, once the project is completed, the due column of all completed projects now simply shows you the original due date of the project.

Task bundles remain expanded if a change is made to a task. In the Gantt chart, a phaseless task is added to the end-of-phase tasks rather than randomly. If multiple tasks are added to the Gantt, they are displayed in bundle order.

A new time-billing feature enables customer invoicing based on completed time entries, tasks and events. Supplier information is also carried over when supplier bills or expenses are entered. Not only does this reduce the effort it also improves the ability to track supplier margins.


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