Why Dash Cams Are Important for Commercial Vehicle Fleets - Photo by Nelson Gono on UnsplashUntil a few years ago, commercial dash cams were used only for buses, police vehicles, and ambulances. Today, they are used extensively in private and public transport systems. Many businesses like trucking and delivery services have already integrated a fleet dash cam into their vehicles.

The National Transportation Safety Board intends to make it mandatory for commercial fleets to install dash cams. They believe that dash cams provide increased safety on the road and mitigate the risk of road accidents. Dash cam systems also provide fleet managers with greater control over their business operations through video recording, GPS tracking, and better fleet management. Here are several benefits of installing intelligent fleet dash camera systems in commercial vehicle fleets:

Driver Exoneration

Did you know that passenger vehicles are at fault in about 80% of accidents between passenger vehicles and trucks? Fleet managers can see what happened during a traffic incident by installing fleet dash cams. They also have access to real-time footage, providing the evidence to protect their drivers against fraud claims. They also record a 360-degree view, capturing every movement on the road, making the faulty driving patterns more evident.

If your fleet driver is not responsible for the accident, a video recording from the dash cam can be your most valuable asset in defending your drivers against wrongful claims. It will also highlight the haphazard driving of passenger vehicles or any poor road conditions, proving your driver’s innocence. Advanced fleet dash cam systems often come with intelligent sensors that can alert drivers when they brake harshly, drive too fast, or drift off the lane. These alerts can help prevent accidents from happening in the first place. They can oversee your fleet drivers’ performance and also inform you about any concerning driving patterns during long journeys.

Fraud Elimination

Dash cam systems installed in your commercial fleet vehicles also protect your company against arranged accidents by consistently monitoring drivers. They also ensure that your drivers don’t use the commercial fleet for their personal use or take longer routes. Having a fleet dash cam system in place will prevent drivers from scamming your company as they would know that they are being recorded.

Enhanced Driver Training

Unsafe driving behaviours are the major causes of road accidents and collisions. They can include:

  • speeding
  • driving while distracted
  • following the next vehicle too closely
  • driving when tired
  • braking harshly

Fleet dash cams will provide video recording, monitor distracted driving, and give routing advice based on the tracking data from historical trips from the whole fleet. These tools will enable you to track problematic driving patterns among drivers and differences in navigating styles. Managers can use these captured videos and patterns to give individually tailored feedback to their drivers and provide customized driver coaching.

Facilitate Insurance Claims

Dash cams also help smoothen the process of claiming insurance. Video recording in case of accidents will give your insurance providers context and unmistakable evidence. This will eventually lead to quicker resolution of your insurance claims. Having tracking systems indicates to insurance firms that your company takes fleet safety seriously. Most insurance businesses will also offer your fleet company discounts if you have dash cam systems installed. Why? Dash cams usually help improve driver behaviour and overall safety.

Additional Functionality

Dashcams today are far more advanced than they were a few years ago. They offer a lot more functionality, including the measurement of sustainability metrics. As carbion reduction is critical for many firms, automatically collecting this data makes it easier to create the regulatory reports required.


These tools will set you up for expansion and productivity by allowing you more substantial control over your commercial fleet. Be sure to conduct extensive market research and invest in high-quality dash cams that come with integrated GPS tracking and real-time monitoring of the vehicles.

Dash Cams with GPS tracking will make management of your commercial fleet much more accessible. It will thereby help reduce the stress and workload of fleet managers. Fleet dash cams are offered at numerous prices ranging from low-cost to highly-priced ones. It is advisable to go for a manufacturer that prices their product reasonably, provides maximum features, and creates reliable products for long-term use.

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