How Tech Businesses Can Transform Their Customer Experience - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Let’s face it, we all live in a disposable society where we are super-reliant on our devices. When they go wrong, many of us have been guilty of buying a new device immediately, simply because we cannot function productively or live happily without them. In addition, technology has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and interact with each other. The pandemic has only exacerbated that trend.

The increased reliance on technology has dramatically impacted how customers view the customer experience (CX). People are now looking for exceptional support throughout the entire CX journey. With many people still working from home – the need for continuous functionality has never been more paramount.

This new world is challenging business leaders to prioritise delivering a seamless customer experience journey.

Making an impact through CX:

Solve issues the first time around

Today, people are reliant on their devices more than ever. So, when they have a tech problem, they want it fixed instantly. Our recent research found that four in 10 people say they would only wait three days before replacing a ‘broken’ device with a new one. In addition, the moment a consumer has a device issue is the most vulnerable moment for a company.  Because it’s at that point when a customer is most likely to leave and switch to the competition. Given this, acting swiftly and providing a resolution quickly is key to retaining your valuable customers.

Anticipating potential consumer issues ahead of time means that you can swiftly solve it first-hand when a problem arises. Ensuring your customer service agents are well-educated and adept at dealing with a range of requests – especially the more complex ones – means your customers will get the answers they need the first time around.

By taking this approach, at Likewize, we have reduced customer contact for some clients by a staggering 80% and improved customer satisfaction levels beyond recognition. This simultaneously allows the reduction of cost-to-serve for the company and allows customer care teams to focus on more complex needs as we strive to educate and provide customers with the capability to do as much as possible by themselves. You may think this is a large upfront cost. However, the payoff is unrivalled and creates a competitive advantage for businesses. Ultimately saving thousands in second and third-line support and wasteful product returns.

Educate your customers about the products their purchasing

It’s not just about educating your customer service agents to provide seamless services. It is also helping to point customers in the right direction—by educating them and giving them the ability to solve their own tech problems. One of the biggest barriers for people is often they don’t always understand the products they’re using. As a result, they will flag issues with a device even when there isn’t a problem. In fact, 75% of customers who say their device is damaged and needs repairing are mistaken. They can resolve the problem themselves without the need for a costly technician.

Providing customers with self-serve information is an essential part of effective CX. It involves equipping them with the tools and resources through your relevant channels and portals, particularly your website. By simply educating consumers about the devices they own, we can remove numerous levels of frustration and doubt when those inevitable things go wrong.

Invest in AI to help enhance support services

Unlike ten years ago, technology now exists to enhance the CX journey. Why might you ask? So that they can focus on their core goal of creating great products that customers will love. Investing in technology and harnessing the smart solutions that exist is at the core of our ethos and something we heavily encourage our clients to invest in and utilise.

To give you an example of how we’ve put this into practice for ourselves as a business, we recently expanded to offer a complete suite of after-sales services to address any eventuality our customers may face. Whether their device is lost, stolen, damaged, malfunctioning, user error, or needing an upgrade, we have it covered.

Our customer support offering is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It includes such a high quality, large knowledge base that nearly any customer question can be answered within seconds (either by contact centre agents or online in a self-serve environment). In addition, we created a device troubleshooting app that performs 189 tests in less than 4 minutes. The app identifies what is wrong with a device and how to resolve it quickly and painlessly.

We also use AI to process natural language with all customer queries. The variety of questions customers come up with is significant. Using AI, brands can better understand customer needs and their future intentions. In return, this insight helps make diagnostics and our knowledge base more effective as we can cover more topics efficiently and proactively, and identify problems which helps customers save time, money, and energy.

Let CX Become Your Competitive Advantage

Customers nowadays are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology products. However,  frustration with brands and the customer experience journey itself remains a persistent issue for consumers. By simply investing in and enhancing your CX offering, your business can increase brand loyalty and set itself apart from competitors. While at the same time, it can reduce costs

Ultimately, this gives your business a competitive advantage to be set up for long-term success.

LikewizeWhen your tech goes wrong, Likewize makes it right. Likewize offers the most comprehensive protection against any technology disruption. Whether a device is lost, stolen, damaged, malfunctioning, in need of an upgrade or the user does not know how to do something, Likewize provides the solution. Trusted by the world’s largest brands, telcos, and banks, looking after approximately a billion of our customers’ customers. We operate in over 30 countries, resolving 250 million problems each year across insurance, warranty, repairs, trade-ins, recycling and premium tech support.

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Rod Millar is the Chief Executive Officer and a board member of Likewize, a global leader of tech end-to-end solutions in device lifecycle management. Rod returned to Likewize in 2019, after previously serving as the first President of Brightstar Europe from 2007 to 2012. During that initial tenure, Rod was quick to develop customer relationships and establish Brightstar businesses in 18 European countries, leading the company to surpass US$3 billion in revenue in only a few years. Beyond Likewize, Rod’s 20-year career in the wireless industry includes executive positions with prominent global telecommunications brands, including Sprint, Tech Data and 20:20 Mobile. At Sprint, he served as SVP of Product, Supply Chain, Insurance and Leasing, and successfully revamped the carrier’s supply chain, streamlined operations and renegotiated all commercial relationships to enable sustainable growth. As SVP of Worldwide Mobility Solutions for Tech Data, he grew the European business and led a turnaround of the Americas operations. And, at 20:20 Mobile, a leading European distributor of mobile phones, where Rod was Managing Director from 2000-2006, he successfully transformed the business from a pure hardware distributor to a value-added service provider, doubling profits and growing revenue substantially.


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