Tradeswell (Credit image/Pixabay/Preis_King)Tradeswell has launched a new app in the Shopify App Store. The app is designed to make onboarding and integration into the platform seamless for both existing clients who are expanding to Shopify and for Shopify merchants new to the Tradeswell platform. Tradeswell is an eCommerce operating system technology that DTC and multichannel brands use for automated insights into their retail, marketing, inventory and finance data.

Tradeswell’s app will be the primary onboarding and data integration tool used by its DTC eCommerce clients. Many of the 1.75 million sellers that use the Shopify platform to sell via their website.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Kathleen Booth)
Kathleen Booth, Tradeswell’s Senior Vice President of Marketing

“Tradeswell’s Shopify app provides a better onboarding experience for Shopify merchants,” said Kathleen Booth, Tradeswell’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “It also means that Shopify merchants can now get a 360 degree view of their business. By viewing DTC data alongside marketplace, retail, marketing, operations and finance data from our other integration partners including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Facebook, Google and Klaviyo.
New self-registration customers who want to integrate their Shopify storefront from inside the Tradeswell onboarding flow. Users can now click a button to authorise the channel integration.

Immediate authorisation

Enterprises no longer have to wait for a custom app to be installed on their store. The company says immediate authorisation means that all data from Shopify will flow into the system much faster. Users will be able to see their data within minutes, instead of days.

With the Shopify app, new customers will be able to search for a potential partner in eCommerce intelligence and automation. If Tradeswell is selected, easily add its application onto their existing Shopify store. In this way, the app store serves as an additional method of discovery for DTC brands. To identify the most powerful promotional and partner tools to grow their business.

Last year, Shopify partnered with TikTok to allow its merchants to more effectively reach TikTok consumers. TikTok is a video-sharing focused social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos. Launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets the company has become an international success story.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Client onboarding is an important but understated activity vital for customers’ success. It should decrease the time it takes for customers to become comfortable with the new platform. This only works if onboarding processes are designed strategically with the end goal in mind. But onboarding has become even more challenging with the rise of remote and hybrid work. As a result, Tradeswells new app for Shopify customers is a sensible direction to take. Particularly since both Shopify and the eCommerce marketplace continue to grow at pace. For Tradewell expanding access to its real-time eCommerce operating system, can only help the company in this competitive arena.


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