JanBax (c) JanBaxJanBax BV, a Dutch supplier of unique, hand-crafted jams, spreads, and other consumables, has selected and is implementing Aptean Food & Beverage ERP to improve its business processes. Founded in 1983, JanBax has used traditional methods to create artisan products that grace the shelves of farm shops, fresh produce markets, delicatessens and luxury departments of select supermarkets.

Why Aptean?

Rather than focus on volume, it produces a wide variety of products that range from Jams, Wine, Bakery products, condiments and many others. It uses traditional methods keeping a high quality throughout the whole process from ideation, production, packaging and labelling. As the operation grew, so did the complexity of meeting regulatory requirements for production lines and tracking key data. It decided to move to a cloud-based solution. It selected Aptean because of its specific focus on helping food and beverage businesses achieve digital transformation.

Functionality that appealed to JanBax included:

  • Quality control
  • Recipe tracking
  • Traceability
  • Allergen management

A cloud-based solution also appealed because it reduced the risk of downtime. It also meant that upgrades would be carried out seamlessly. As regulations change, the software is updated automatically to meet the new requirements. Historically it needed to update the software and disrupt the business during that process.

Looking forward

JanBax now believes that it can keep ahead of changing regulations. Ensure that its products meet those requirements without changing and interfering with the traditional methods used by the chefs during production. Importantly, the Aptean solution will enable JanBax to scale with fewer concerns.

Bas-Jan Bax, Owner of JanBax BV, commented: “JanBax knows that traditional cooking methods deliver the highest quality products, but we also recognized that older, manual business processes were putting our ability to deliver on our brand promise at risk. Aptean Food & Beverage ERP allows us to optimize production while maintaining the quality of our hand-crafted products. The cloud-first approach digitizes purchase orders and cost calculations, which was a must for us. Plus, it gives us better control and more visibility of our operations and areas for opportunity, because it’s built specifically for our industry. That makes it easier for us to expand and apply the same features to future facilities.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a good win for Aptean in the food and beverage market. While JanBax is a small artisanal producer with less than fifty employees (7 registered on LinkedIn), it has the potential to grow. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Aptean Food & Beverage solution will deliver the functionality and scalability that JanBax needs.

Duane George, General Manager, EMEA and APAC, Aptean, commented: “Aptean is thrilled JanBax has selected us as their solution for the future. We’ll be working with them every step of the way as they deliver old-world flavour through modern business processes.”

This is a good win for Aptean at the bottom end of the food and beverage market. A future case study could help Aptean attract larger organisations in Europe and beyond. Its footprint in Europe may be smaller than Infor, but will it provide stiffer competition in the future?


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