Spheres CO2 Image by Malte Reimold from PixabayMendix has extended the 10-year partnership between Atos and Siemens that will see Atos leverage the Mendix low-code platform. In the past, Atos has worked with the Mendix low-code platform to accelerate digital transformation for its clients across manufacturing, banking, healthcare and other industries. Atos presented and was a diamond sponsor at Mendix World 2021

The extended partnership will see the firms working beyond the current collaboration. That includes the Netherlands to a global one anywhere both organisations have a presence. Those locations include APAC, Central, Northern and Southern Europe, and the Americas.  The agreement will give the ability for Atos to resell Mendix licenses to its customers as it helped them through their digital transformation processes.

Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix
Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix

Tim Srock, CEO of Mendix, commented: “We are pleased to build on Siemens’ long-standing relationship with Atos and create high-value services that will further support hyper-automation in enterprises. With a strong background in application modernization, Atos has the expertise to establish a clear roadmap to modernize legacy applications and systems.

“This is crucial for enterprises seeking to rebuild or replace their legacy systems. Our low-code platform and Atos’ expertise are perfectly suited to accelerate that transformation. Through this partnership, Atos’s Mendix solutions will help organizations streamline processes, reducing the total cost and time required to change or improve their application development systems.”

Mendix helping with digital transformation

The Mendix low code platform helps organisations automate, replace manual processes, and connect cloud-based and legacy on-prem-based solutions. It achieves this using its leading low code platform. Atos has taken the Mendix platform and wrapped several services around it to help organisations to digitise processes sustainably. It broadly offers five application modernisation services:

  • Transformation Consulting: Establish a roadmap for modernizing legacy applications and systems
  • Business re-architecture: A top-down, outside-in approach that creates business value by eliminating process debt and delivering a corresponding IT solution
  • IT re-architecture: A bottom-up, inside-out approach that eliminates technical debt by architecture design in the Mendix platform.
  • Rebuilding applications: Rapid, low-cost rebuild of applications with a positive business case and improvement of time-to-market.
  • DevOps: A delivery model for continuous development, support and maintenance combining on-site, on-shore and offshore in a cost-effective delivery model.

Digital Decarbonisation

According to the World Economic Forum, digital technology can help reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15%. This is a significant proportion of the 50% reduction that is required by 2030. Stuart Lemmon, Managing Director of EcoAct, and Interim Managing Director of Atos’ Net-Zero Transformation Practice, recently wrote a blog.

In it, Lemmon stated: “As an environmental scientist, I understand the catastrophic risk that climate change poses to the world, but as a natural optimist, I look at the growth in public awareness around climate, changing business priorities and development of new technology and digital solutions as huge steps forward toward our global goal of net-zero.

Atos aims to leverage the Mendix low-code platform to accelerate its mission of digital decarbonization aligning with the net-zero emission standards set by SBTi. To achieve this, it aims to help customers lower their carbon footprint. It has already started on this. More than 1,800 locations worldwide are already using Mendix to monitor, report, and track real-time energy consumption and carbon emission.

Rakesh Khanna, Head of Digital at Atos, said: “As we operate within today’s fast-paced digital landscape, this partnership will allow us to capitalize on Mendix low-code platform’s proven agility that enables enterprises to rapidly adapt and respond to market changes and opportunities, across all the industries we support. We are confident this extension to our existing partnership with Siemens will bolster our joint commitment to create innovative solutions for enterprises looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is good news for Mendix. It should ensure that Atos continues to leverage its low-code platform for even more use cases. What is missing are the success stories Atos has already achieved using the low-code platform. Hopefully, these will follow in due course. They should exist already, especially as the firms have been working together for some time.


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