Dropbox (credit image/Pixabay/ fernandozhiminaicela)Dropbox has launched new tools which the company says help businesses move work forward faster. The company says it simplifies the way they can back up and recover digital files. The latest iteration of Dropbox Backup has been designed to take away the headaches of lost data due. This maybe due to a computer crashes or workplace accidents. Building on its popular backup functionality, Backup has been upgraded with new features users have been requesting. This includes a new restoration flow, settings to manage backups on computer, and more.

Digital ecosystems have become increasingly complex. Content is often scattered across a sea of browser tabs and apps. Creators, solopreneurs and distributed teams often need a better way to organise everything and keep work moving. That’s why Dropbox focused on building and improving capabilities that support all of cloud content and workflows.
An alternative to backup tools, Backup gives users the option of choosing a robust, standalone cloud backup solution from Dropbox. Even if an individual or business do not have a Dropbox account.

The cloud sync services can free up space on user hard drive. It enables individuals to access, share, and collaborate on content with other colleagues. Backup automatically backs up a copy of files and folders that can be quickly recovered from the cloud if needed. With Backup, users can make sure they have pre-emptively taken the steps needed to protect important files.

Over the last year, Dropbox has launched several new features and product experiences. These enhancements were designed to help businesses and individuals organise, find, and do more with digital content.

Launch digital business with Dropbox Shop

With the rise of the creator economy, more people are turning their passion into a business. Last year, the company launched Dropbox Shop in private beta and is now introducing updates to the experience. Also available in beta, Shop lets content creators sell and share their digital content—right from Dropbox.

By enabling users to sell directly to customers, Shop lets businesses maintain ownership and control with key target audiences. The latest updates to Shop help enterprises elevate and customise the way businesses can bring digital content to customers. Retailers or brands can customise their storefront and URLs, embed HTML codes, and add tipping capabilities with the new version.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Nothing is more upsetting than spilling coffee on a laptop or having a computer crash for no apparent reason. It can cause an incredible amount of stress and heartbreak that come with losing content. Currently setting up automatic backups on laptops or retrieving files through company backup processes can be challenging. The newest iteration of Dropbox Backup is designed to take away those headaches. Building on the company’s popular backup functionality, Backup has been upgraded. The new features provide users with confidence that their data is securely secured. Just as interesting has been Dropbox’s foray into eCommerce with the enhancements to Shop. The new developments allow content creators sell and share their digital content—right from Dropbox. Perhaps these are the first baby steps into a wider entrance into eCommerce.


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