NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/Pexels)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Immerss introduces live video shopping for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The solution enables retailers to generate incremental revenue by creating an in-person shopping experience online. Instagram has unveiled a new feature that will enable users to tag products in their posts. Cymbio’s marketplace and dropship automation platform allows brands of all sizes to capitalize on the global acceleration towards eCommerce. a global SaaS platform to support online presences has a new integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). Trust Payments launches Store eCommerce platform in the US distributed by third-party partner ISOs/banks

Immerss introduces live video shopping for Salesforce

Immerss, a provider in live video eCommerce has unveiled Immerss “Shop Live” app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Shop Live is a shoppable live video and chat platform. It enables Salesforce retailers to generate incremental revenue by creating an in-person virtual shopping experience while shopping online.

Online shoppers are connected to an associate via live shoppable video and guided through purchase from product selection to check-out. Retailers using Immerss see a significant increase in revenue and customer engagement, measurable uplift in AOVs, and lower returns.

The Immerss platform offers one-to-one digital clienteling and one-to-many live online shopping similar to QVC. Immerss is a white label solution that is fully integrated into Salesforce Commerce. Key features include:

Live Chat & Video Co-Shopping enables merchants to shop face-to-face with online customers and provide an elevated level of service with no downloads required for the customer. This virtual in-store experience dramatically increases revenue, improves the customer’s journey, and provides merchants with the right tool to bring online and offline shopping into a singular experience.

Outbound Clienteling enables merchants to contact their customers via SMS messaging, share products, and schedule 1-to-1 calls.

Live shopping QVC style is the most effective way to reach the masses with a singular effort. Immerss enables merchants to utilize the power of social platforms while having full control over their data.

Data tracking and reporting are key differentiators. Activities performed by brand associates are tracked for commission and performance, enabling merchants to hire and retain a stronger workforce. Immerss Shop Live for Salesforce is currently in beta and is expected to be generally available in the coming months.

Instagram lets users tag products and brands in posts

Instagram has unveiled a new feature that will enable users to tag products in their posts. The company hopes the launch will drive its focus on eCommerce. The feature will only be available to users in the US for now.

Previously tagging of products had only been available to approved creators on the app. However, now anyone can link to a brand or product. Instagram said the feature could be a boon to small businesses. For example, when users purchase something they love from an independent retailer and then tag them in their post.

But it could also be a major boost for big brands. At the same, the app can be further seen as more of an advertising tool than an app for engagement.

Ultimately product discovery does facilitate transactions. But product tags could be used in a negative way and although brands can remove a tag on their end, they won’t be able to control everyone’s tags. According to the Instagram, some 1.6 million users tag at least one brand a week. The company believes there’s room here for growth.

PayPal Ventures invests in commerce automation platform Cymbio

Cymbio, a marketplace and dropship automation platform, announced an investment from PayPal Ventures, the venture capital arm of the global payments company. This latest development comes just months after Cymbio closed a $20M Series B round.

As marketplaces’ share of eCommerce grows, retailers expand their drop shipping operations, brands are seeking solutions to integrate product catalogues. Additionally, help manage operations across channels. Cymbio’s marketplace and dropship automation platform acts as a technology bridge to relieve brands from the process of individually connecting with each marketplace and retailer. As a result, they can focus on the core of their business. Cymbio offers a centralised platform enabling seamless and scalable retail connections to 800+ marketplaces, retailers and eCommerce solutions worldwide.

Cymbio’s platform is compatible with many different systems and protocols used by retailers and marketplaces. It automates all drop ship and marketplace operations. This includes integration, set-up, and day-to-day management of the full relationship between brands and retailers. The investment from PayPal ventures will allow Cymbio to continue to invest in the company’s hypergrowth. The company plans to expand its capabilities to better serve clients. This includes a financial service offering for the hundreds of brands on its platform slated for Q2 2022.

Wix announces Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment app for fast & easy order processing a global SaaS platform to support online presences has a new integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). The integration allows Wix eCommerce merchants to fulfil eCommerce orders using Amazon’s order fulfilment services with one-and two-day shipping needs.

Wix eCommerce merchants in the US, whether they sell on Amazon or not, can download the Amazon MCF app to their Wix store. It gives them more easily access to Amazon’s fulfilment network, operational expertise, lower fulfilment costs. They can order delivery in as fast as 1 day. Once merchants integrate, their customers will automatically see shipping speed options and real-time delivery dates from Amazon. This integration reduces the complexities business owners face in fulfilling orders on their own. It opens the door for them to easily scale and focus on their growth.

This integration joins Wix’s existing support for Amazon. where merchants can expand their sales strategy by connecting their Wix eCommerce store to sell on Amazon. Amazon MCF and Amazon Shop are available to Wix eCommerce merchants in the US. Amazon MCF is available to Wix merchants who choose to fulfil their entire catalogue through Amazon.

Trust Payments launches Store eCommerce platform

Trust Payments, the disruptive operator in fintech specialising in frictionless payments and value-added services, is launching Stor. An innovative eCommerce platform for small and medium businesses. Through the launch, Trust Payments is enabling ISOs, banks and other third parties to sell Stor direct to merchants in the US.

The US launch comes after Trust Payments completed its acquisition of the Stor technology in early 2022. The acquisition accelerates eCommerce offerings for small and medium-sized organisations that can often struggle with digitization strategies. Stor offers powerful online shopping solutions to equip merchants with extensive easy-to-use tools. Full support will be offered from dedicated staff based in the US to help ensure smooth implementations and use of the system across the country.

With the addition of Stor, Trust Payments’ unique Converged Commerce proposition combines payments and banking as a service with added value services. Stor’s innovative technology offers a simple design and powerful built-in features that do not require any coding or IT knowledge. Using drag and drop, business owners can create their ideal online store in just a few clicks. By using the pre-built solution, users have access to hundreds of features. This ranges from advanced web design, AI analytics tools, SEO, functionality to accepting credit and debit card payments. Pre-ordering or stock management, all while being able to personalize their online store experience.


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