Optimizely (Credit image/Pixabay/Darkmoon_Art)Optimizely has announced Ameex Technologies, a digital marketing and experience partner, will support its clients’ digital transformation with Optimizely. Since its establishment in 2007, Ameex has been delivering highly personalised omnichannel experiences to customers. Their willingness to tap into the potential of data-driven analytics, AI-powered solutions, and automation have been noted by analysts. As a marketing technology solutions and digital experience partner, Ameex will enhance their services and improve customers’ digital success.

Optimizely’s digital experience platform (DXP) was selected by Ameex to provide their customers with an exceptional experience. It allows Ameex to push their innovative edge even further. Optimizely’s solution enables Ameex to offer their customers intuitive AI-powered commerce features, customised online experiences, and smooth product integrations. The solution is expected to provide a more comprehensive digital experience. Ameex has already begun to provide customers with Optimizely’s top-of-the-line solutions. This allows them to improve their eCommerce platform and grow their business.

Tourism Tasmania contract win

Tourism Tasmania, the Tasmanian government’s destination marketing organisation will be using Optimizely’s solution to transform their digital experiences across all their channels and touchpoints.

The agency drives visitors to Tasmania through their destination brand platform and marketing programme. It connects travellers emotionally and culturally with Tasmania. Connecting with potential visitors via digital touchpoints is a key part of Tourism Tasmania’s strategy. The organisation is undertaking an ambitious digital transformation project over the next two to three years.

We intend to enhance our capability to deliver innovative, personalised, and data-driven digital experiences that connect our various channels and touchpoints. Our aim is to provide the right message to the right customer at the right time,” said Emma Terry, Chief Marketing Officer at Tourism Tasmania.

Personalisation at scale requires the effective use of all available data and Optimizely’s solution enables that. The platform brings together siloed data and creates a central repository that can empower better use of content. It effectively create hyper-personalised experiences through AI and machine learning, that convert in the long run.

We wanted cohesion across all our channels and touchpoints. Regardless of the entry point, users should be able to continue their journey through the Discover Tasmania website. They should not feel like they are starting from scratch,”  said Emma.

We are glad to see organisations—both private and government alike—embracing personalisation and continuing to be more data-driven in their approaches. We are proud to have Tourism Tasmania aboard and are excited to see the new heights a combination of excellent personalisation, content management, and centralised data will take them and the state,” said Paul North, Senior Vice President APJ at Optimizely.

Strategic partnership with Google Cloud

Optimizely has also entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud earlier in the month. This includes moving its market-leading experimentation solutions to Google Cloud. The multi-year agreement indicates a commitment by the two companies to collaborate on innovative opportunities. The partnership is expected to bring advanced, digital-first marketing solutions to market.

Through the partnership, customers can benefit from working with Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and capabilities in AI, ML and analytics. Optimizely’s web experimentation and full stack experimentation allow marketers to take the guesswork out of delivering personalised, meaningful engagements. Optimizely will continue to support best-in-class experiences for its customers as they move to Google Cloud. Both companies will coordinate a joint go-to-market and sales execution strategy to deliver experimentation solutions to customers.

Optimizely and Google Cloud will collaborate closely on co-innovation, developing new and expanded digital offerings. The companies expect to bring the best experience possible to new and existing customers. As marketing continues to evolve, success depends on the data-driven decision making and optimised customer experiences. Optimizely’s end-to-end, scalable experimentation solutions is expected to deliver on Google Cloud.

(Image credit/
Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizer

“I couldn’t think of two companies that are more relevant for the data-driven growth marketer than Google Cloud and Optimizely. We share the same philosophy on leveraging data, AI and experimentation to replace guesswork,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. “By entering this strategic partnership with Google Cloud, we’re empowering marketers to unlock their digital potential, create exceptional customer experiences. In addition to deliver strong business outcomes all on a trusted, secure platform. It’s a true win-win-win situation for Optimizely, Google Cloud and the marketing industry overall.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

As mentioned, its been a busy month for Optimizely. In a market defined by disruption, the partnership with Ameex and Google Cloud will ensure innovation is accessible and scalable. Marketers will be looking to gain an edge and deliver optimal digital experiences. Optimizely has been successful with various contract wins around the world.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its presence into the Middle East and Africa with the opening of an office in Dubai. Optimizely’s footprint in Dubai will help to expand the company’s presence in the region. Optimizely plans further adoption of tools by businesses for creating, managing, and personalising digital web and mobile apps experiences.


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