SNIPE (credit image/Pixabay/MabelAmber)SNIPES launches shopping apps with native mobile app provider to support its digital growth. The sneaker and streetwear retailer, has launched poq-powered iOS and Android mobile commerce apps. The solution has been created to support the brand’s digital growth in the US market.

SNIPES, an international brand focused on shaping and driving streetwear culture. The company says it is striving to find ways to support, empower and celebrate the communities it reaches through inclusive initiatives and activations. SNIPES’ ever-growing list of talent and brand collaborations allows the brand to have both a local and global reach. Notable past partnerships have included limited-edition capsule collections for PlayStation with 21 Savage, apparel collections with DJ Khaled. Most recently, back-to-back limited edition adidas Forum releases with the Detroit Pistons.

Supporting brand expansion

SNIPES plans to continue expanding the brand through 2022 and beyond. The company plans highly anticipated upcoming sneaker releases, collabs, custom experiences and store installations. Through this partnership with poq, SNIPES will widen its digital footprint, offering its customers a best-in-class mobile app shopping experience.

SNIPES will bring the latest styles in urban footwear, apparel and accessories for the entire family to these new iOS and Android mobile shopping apps. These apps are built on the provider’s cloud-based native retail mobile app platform.

SNIPES recently replatformed its eCommerce infrastructure to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The company believes the investment in Salesforce will enable faster speed to market using integrated, consolidated eCommerce product feeds. Additionally, merchandising and account webviews with native mobile app account functionality. Integrations with providers like Perimeterx, and Forter offers extended security to support the growing expectations of today’s mobile shopper.

The replatform offers SNIPES customers a persistent login, wishlists, enhanced product discoverability, access to store raffles and exclusive marketing content. As well as product barcode scanning and store finder functionality to encourage customers to visit physical stores.

Bringing best experiences

The retailer will also work with poq to optimise its app store marketing strategy. The objective is to increase the discoverability and download conversions of the new mobile apps. Additionally, the apps provide SNIPES with a solid foundation designed to keep pace with rapid store growth. With increased expectations of digital personalisation and content-rich native app functionality.

(Credit image/Pixabay/Jenna Flateman Posner)
Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer, SNIPES

Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer, SNIPES said, “SNIPES invested in a native mobile app for a number of reasons. The overwhelming majority of SNIPES digital consumers in the US market access from their mobile devices. For SNIPES that was a huge indicator that now more than ever we must be mobile first.

“Building our app on the poq infrastructure allows us to serve our customer base at a rapid pace. By leveraging the collective value and mind-share of features driven by the entire poq client roster.”

This Phase 1 deployment represents the first of several phases planned for the SNIPES app. Future planned phases include community-based features to enable customers to connect within the app and ultimately be rewarded for their advocacy. “SNIPES is excited to embark on this commerce-focused phase where we can validate the needs of our customers. We intend to bring them the best experiences, access to the hottest sneakers and streetwear, while championing its thriving community,” Posner concluded.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Retailers, particularly those in fashion and beauty must keep a finger on the pulse of changes in taste. SNIPES has been a successful, street-wise brand for a number of years. Therefore, its investment in native mobile app development is a step in the right direction to support its digital growth. What is surprising is that little was made of the opportunity’s personalisation holds for brands such as SNIPE. The platform should drive its digital communication strategy forward while delivering personalised and targeted customer communications.


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