gets US $10.3 million seed funding (Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels) has secured $10.3 million seed funding from Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures. It plans to use the money to scale-up rapidly to meet customer demand. It is also looking to increase its headcount, expand further into North America and build on current project successes.

Justin Mullen, co-founder and CEO, (Image Credit:
Justin Mullen, co-founder and CEO,

Justin Mullen, co-founder and CEO,, said, “What makes DataOps different is who we are, as well as what we do, and how we do it.

“When people buy-into they’re buying into two things. First, the genius of our tech team and their deep technical expertise on Snowflake, led by our CTO, co-founder and ‘Snowflake Data Superhero’ Guy Adams. And second, our absolute commitment to deliver, to make our customers successful, and to enjoy that journey with them. We’re well known for doing whatever it takes to enable our client to be successful – no ifs and buts.”

Who are describes itself as being “built to meet the real-life needs of modern, data-driven companies using Snowflake”. It differentiates itself from traditional data analytics tools through a seven-stage methodology bringing DevOps principles to data management.

By bringing DevOps to data, the company claims that it has solved a number of problems. Those include slow development times, backlogged teams, and poor quality and version control. It also offers solutions to several other issues companies face with their data.

The approach embeds data quality, compliance, privacy and data protection as part of the workflow. It means that they are dealt with across the whole data lifecycle rather than being point solutions to problems. platform (Image Credit: platform

The workflow also makes it easy for data scientists to add new functionality for users to consume. They add it into the pipeline and deploy it quickly and easily.

That ease of use has won a number of high profile customers such as Roche, BOC and OneWeb.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Data is unquestionably valuable to companies but getting the value out is rarely as simple as people think. It is not just about the end-user tools for querying the data. It is often more about bringing the data together, making it accessible and ensuring the data quality and integrity. All too often, companies invest heavily in cleaning their data only to watch it get dirty again.

What offers here is a new approach to how that process is done. Instead of large, one-off projects, data is maintained continuously. That is why it uses a DevOps approach to data.

Getting this seed money should enable the company to accelerate its growth and expand the project. However, there is intense interest in the data space at the moment. Will its investors continue to invest, or will they look to sell quickly to some of the bigger players in the market, such as Precisely?


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