BigCommerce (Credit image/Pixabay/Medienservice)BigCommerce has extended its global presence into Germany, Mexico and Spain. The company says local merchants will be able to build, scale and grow their B2C and B2B businesses internationally. They can leverage industry-leading omnichannel capabilities for marketplace selling to drive revenue. The company’s latest expansion comes six months after its successful launch into France, Italy and the Netherlands.

The number of eCommerce and cross-border sales is expected to rise. Recently
Rapyd published a new report “The 2022 Global State of Cross-Border Commerce.” The report suggests cross-border commerce is expected to reach $153 trillion globally, growing at 5% CAGR. It remains a high priority for enterprises in 2022, for 93% of all businesses surveyed across the US and Europe. Furthermore, global retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach USD $6.388 billion by 2024.

As a result, retailers increasingly seek to create modern and frictionless shopping experiences to meet evolving consumer expectations. BigCommerce’s Open SaaS eCommerce platform is designed to scale with business growth. It enables merchants of all sizes to deliver localised and innovative customer experiences.

Key platform features

  • Launch and grow their business internationally. A range of multi-language, multi-currency and secure payment capabilities allows merchants to create storefronts tailored to local or cross-border customers and test new markets.
  • Uncover new channels for revenue. BigCommerce’s omnichannel platform enables retailers to discover new revenue streams by exploring new sales channels. This includes Facebook Shops, Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping and more.
  • Leverage local support for future growth. In addition to fully translated front-and back-end and support resources, BigCommerce supports the creation of key roles in-country. Additionally, a widening partner network will equip merchants with the tools they need to grow their online businesses.
  • Build powerful B2B storefronts. As the global B2B eCommerce market size continues to grow, international merchants can transition their businesses online with BigCommerce’s native B2B functionality and strong ecosystem of integration partner applications.
(credit image/LinkedIn/Meghan Stabler)
Meghan Stabler, VP International marketing, BigCommerce

A robust and flexible eCommerce platform that can grow in parallel with business needs is critical for merchants. This will be vital to gain solid footing in today’s increasingly digital world. This is the competitive advantage BigCommerce offers to retailers in our newest regions,” said Meghan Stabler, VP International marketing, BigCommerce. “Coupled with local support and translated resources to establish their brand, connect with customers and build trust. Our solution primes businesses to enrich online customer shopping experience and positions them to innovate in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

BigCommerce’s roster of established clients in each region includes well-known brands such as Tienda Chivas in Mexico. Diageo and Safeguru in Spain; and Unu Motors and Dr. Barbara Sturm in Germany. Many of these companies use BigCommerce’s platform to manage and optimise their online stores.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

2021 was a busy year for BigCommerce. The company made some innovative partnerships with TikTok, the CMA CGM Group and NewOxatis and Sezzle. The company also took its first steps on to the global stage. BigCommerce extended its European presence from the UK, into the Netherlands, France and Italy. This was an inevitable conclusion from the company’s public offering in 2020. It will be interesting to see if the company continues to target its primary support base – SME – small-medium-enterprise brands. Or, will the company try to move up a gear and take a bite at the Enterprise level.

This latest expansion comes six months after its successful launch into France, Italy and the Netherlands. BigCommerce says its latest market expansion will offer localised language, payment and content support to its brands. The company has all the solutions, infrastructure and eco-system to support international growth. It will be interesting to see the direction BigCommerce takes going forward.



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