NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/Pexels)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Next-generation payment processing company, Radar Payments by BPC, was selected to tackle eCommerce fraud prevention. Smart DX Solution to shift the paradigm for enterprise infrastructure


Red Dot Payment selects Radar Payments for global eCommerce fraud prevention

Next-generation payment processing company, Radar Payments by BPC, has been selected to tackle eCommerce fraud prevention by Singapore’s largest home-grown online payment solutions fintech Red Dot Payment (RDP), an eCommerce enabler focused primarily on serving the e-commerce and hospitality verticals.

RDP has selected the Fraud Risk Management and Prevention solutions delivered as a SaaS model from Radar Payments. It did so after reviewing other fraud detection systems. Their choice was influenced by its peerless technological capabilities and ease of integration, as well as its affordability and excellence in account management.

Founded in 2011 in Singapore, RDP has expanded to other regions. It has local offices in Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. Further expansion is provisionally planned in Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. In July 2019, the fintech and e-payment business PayU took a majority stake.

RDP became a principal member with both Visa and MasterCard. They are already an acquirer for AliPay, Diners Club International, WeChat Pay, and Union Pay, with a payment suite that includes AMEX, PayPal, PayLah and PayNow (SGQR) and many other alternative local payment methods in the respective countries they operate in.

RDP selection of Radar’s Payments Fraud Risk Management and Prevention service comes at a time when the number of online cybercrime rises due to digitisation. The technology developed by Radar Payments was not only singled out for its performance but its proven track record in helping financial institutions and businesses of all sizes to tackle vulnerabilities within the digital ecosystem for consumers across regions.

NAMUTECH introduces digital transformation vision at ‘CES 2022.’

NAMUTECH has launched its integrated digital transformation solution ‘Smart DX Solution‘ at the world’s largest IT convention, ‘CES 2022’, taking place in Las Vegas. The Smart DX Solution, consisting of 4 aspects: the cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, and CMP. An integrated solution designed based on openness and automation. It is an assembly of the core technologies for digital transformation.

This product provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and provides big data analysis, DevOps, MLOps, and DataOps services. Customers can get their applications up and running faster while reducing maintenance costs. It also offers the convenience of adopting a microservices architecture (MSA) or improved cloud infrastructure management and operation.

NetMiner 365, the smart big data product, provides data analysts with a graph machine learning environment. It equips data analysts with self-service machine learning, offers full-featured graph analytics and cutting-edge graph machine learning.

MARTINIE, the smart AI product, enables users to leverage MLOps with end-to-end reusable ML pipeline. An effective ML model management, guaranteed parallel processing and scalability, and teamwork-based apps.

Cocktail Cloud, the smart cloud product, is an enterprise cloud-native platform for digital transformation. It supports various enterprise cloud implementation strategies with on-premise, private, public, hybrid/multi-cloud, and PaaS.

Sinbad, the CMP product, provides a full-stack DevOps management platform. It supports infrastructure for each user application and customized service composition between platform layers.


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