ServiceNow Research (Image credit/Pixabay/bluartpapelaria)Christmas can be a stressful time for many. But the ability to create apps that help fix pain points could alleviate consumers’ biggest concerns. This is according to ServiceNow’s new research of over 1,500 respondents from UK and Ireland.

The top stresses faced by consumers around the festive period are general costs and finances (43%) and Christmas shopping (33%). Concerns include deciding where to spend Christmas (20%), wrapping presents (19%), cooking Christmas dinner (18%) and putting up decorations (16%).

However, despite app stores having run for several years, there is still a big demand for additional apps that will help consumers over the festive season. 83% suggest they would find them useful at Christmas. Over a third (37%) of consumers would like an app that manages their budget to prevent overspending. While almost a quarter (22%) want an app that records all the best new Christmas TV shows.

Popular apps

Other popular apps that consumers would find useful to create include:

  • An app to send automatic ‘thank you’ notes to friends and family members who send gifts (21%).
  • An app to plan schedules to help people organise visits to friends and family (21%).
  • An app that sends Christmas cards (21%).
  • An app that buys Christmas presents (19%).
  • An app that orders all the right food for Christmas dinner (18%).
(Image credit/LinkedIn/Jordi Ferrer)
Jordi Ferrer, VP & GM of UK & Ireland at ServiceNow

Jordi Ferrer, VP & GM of UK & Ireland ServiceNow says, “There are many tasks people find stressful around Christmas. Consumers are showing demand for innovative technology that can help fix these pain points.

“Businesses now have the chance to make the most of this opportunity by harnessing the power of low code. This should help solve productivity issues by turning problems into app solutions in a matter of days, not months. This type of development is growing in popularity. Many enterprise-level organisations realise that innovation can be in the hands of their own workforce. But it’s important to note that it also requires knowledge of the customer’s needs and the business overall. It is important to ensure that any apps created will benefit the whole and not just the individual. Alleviating the stresses of Christmas with apps is just a small example of this growing movement.

Research methodology

The survey was commissioned by ServiceNow and carried out by Censuswide in November 2021. The sample consisted of 1,505 full-time employees from the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

The beauty of apps is that they solve and resolve numerous social and domestic needs. There’s pretty much apps that aim to solve every type of human endeavour possible irrespective of work, rest and play. So, it’s not too surprising that Research from ServiceNow indicates that 83% of consumers would find new apps useful to combat their Christmas stresses. This type of quirky research is on-brand for a company like ServiceNow. The company says it is making the world of work, work better for people via its cloud-based platforms and solution. Perhaps ServiceNow should develop the app to make Christmas merrier for the general public.


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