Planview is ending the year with a flurry of customer announcements. The latest is that Standard Chartered, the British multinational banking and financial services company, has selected Planview. It intends to use Planview to manage projects across the organisation.  Though how many of its 85,000 employees will use the solution is unclear.

The bank selected Planview because of its ability to manage waterfall, agile, and hybrid governance models. It can also provide a consolidated view across all projects for management.

Razat Gaurav, CEO, Planview, commented, “As a leading global financial institution, Standard Chartered needed visibility and transparency into its business to help understand and shape its path forward in a dynamic industry, and we were excited to be selected as the partner best fit for the job.

“By connecting work across various governance models with the company’s most important initiatives, we will help enable Standard Chartered to unlock a new, flexible and agile future that has a consolidated view into how the banking group delivers services to meet its clients’ needs.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Standard Chartered aims to have a culture of innovation. It notes: “For a business this means accurately identifying the unique needs of clients and building an agile organisation that can reorient itself towards valuable opportunities as clients, technology and regulations change.”

In adopting the Planview solutions, both for traditional project management and comprehensive Agile solutions, Standard Chartered expects to enable teams across the organisation. It will enable teams to select the most appropriate project management methodology for their initiatives. This will help Standard Chartered achieve the results it hopes for.

There are questions, though. Which Planview solutions is Standard Chartered deploying? When will it deploy them and to whom? However, this is a significant win for Planview. Once deployed it could become a great customer advocate.

Planview launches innovation tool for employees





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