(Image credit/)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Duvel Moortgat has selected Infor Production Scheduling to support the growth of the brewery. Mirakl buys Invoice Compliance Startup Octobat. Integration of Invoicing and Compliance Technology with will reduce complexity and increase speed to market for businesses.

Vimeo is to Acquire WIREWAX and Wibbitz, Further Expanding Its Video services. WalkMe and Deloitte partnerships create digital adoption services business at Deloitte developed in conjunction with WalkMe. Ordoro’s new feature will help merchants with warehouse management and improve the accuracy of fulfilled orders.

Duvel Moortgat optimises beer production with Infor

Duvel Moortgat has selected Infor Production Scheduling to support the growth of the brewery. The selection follows shortly after the completed implementation of Infor’s supply planning software. These tools will play an important role in the growth of the brewery and will help it respond to the rapidly changing demand environment.

Duvel Moortgat is a family business with a strong focus on speciality beers, which includes brands like Duvel, Vedett, ‘t IJ, La Chouffe, De Koninck, Liefmans and Maredsous.
The company has grown from a local brewery to a global player with 10 production sites, including in Belgium, the US and Czech Republic. In addition, there are several sales sites in France, the UK, China and Spain.

This steady growth, added to the seasonal nature of beer production and the unpredictability caused by the coronavirus pandemic, made it clear that planning the production process via Excel had reached its limits. Duvel required a more professional production and scheduling solution.

Infor was chosen because of its extensive knowledge and experience in planning and scheduling in the brewing world. Now that the demand planning software has been installed, the scheduling tool is also added and linked to form a complete solution. Duvel now has software that is effective in both the long term and the short term for insight into the production process.

Mirakl acquires invoice compliance startup Octobat

Mirakl has acquired Octobat, a French startup specialising in invoice compliance for enterprises throughout the world. The acquisition – the company’s first – will make it easier for Mirakl marketplace operators to manage local and global regulations. Particularly for those enterprises that intend to expand and operate across multiple geographies.

Mirakl says its technology, expertise and partner ecosystem, marketplace operators can expand their assortment geographically, faster than they could on their own. However, with international expansion comes greater complexity in invoicing and compliance. Online marketplace operators and sellers are challenged to understand and comply with geographic tax regulations.

Furthermore, they need to comply with region-specific invoicing content and formatting rules in addition to managing the storage and filing of invoices and the transition to e-invoicing. The acquisition will allow Mirakl-powered marketplace operators to manage invoicing compliance directly as part of the Mirakl solution. This removes the need for customers to invest in expertise in-house or develop a custom solution.

In September, Mirakl announced the conclusion of a $555 million Series E funding round. This brings the company’s total valuation to over $3.5 billion. The company’s enterprise marketplace platform powers billions in gross merchandise value for more than 300 of the world’s leading brands.

Vimeo to Acquire WIREWAX and Wibbitz

Vimeo has agreed to acquire WIREWAX, a leading interactive and shoppable video, and Wibbitz, a leading enterprise video creation suite. The two companies bring proprietary technology and products to Vimeo’s all-in-one video solution. It extends its position as the professional video software solution for any business.

WIREWAX combines AI-based object tracking with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
to help enterprises create engaging interactive video experiences. From shoppable videos for eCommerce to immersive product demos to employee education and training modules.

Their interactive studio is designed for users to easily add shoppable touchpoints and customisable overlays directly into any video. These gamify the experience so viewers can choose their own journey as they watch. It seamlessly embeds content on websites and blogs, and tracks audience engagement and performance in real-time. Companies like Walmart, Disney, Google, and Nike have used WIREWAX’s tools to bring interactive content to employees, customers, and communities.

Wibbitz provides an enterprise-grade video creation suite for marketing, internal
communications, and media teams. This enables them to produce and collaborate on company-branded videos at scale. Wibbitz has helped companies like HubSpot, Bloomberg, Condé Nast, and Harvard University produce thousands of videos. It has helped these large organisations maintain strict brand control and collaboration they need. This includes team-based workflows, shared workspaces, and account management to company-branded templates with consistent logos, fonts, colour palettes and transitions.

The company recently launched Vimeo Events. A virtual events platform for marketers to easily produce and promote stunning live experiences and webinars. It includes a video library and a centralised secure hub that makes communication and collaboration with video easy and accessible to every employee.

WalkMe and Deloitte forms partnership to support enterprise digital transformation initiatives

WalkMe a leading provider of digital adoption platforms has entered into an alliance agreement with Deloitte. Deloitte is investing in a US dedicated team to provide technology adoption solutions via its newly-created Digital Adoption Services business. Developed in conjunction with WalkMe, clients can leverage services to realise the rapid results that digital transformation strategies can deliver.

According to Constellation Research, digital transformation continues to be the number one budget priority for CIOs. There is a market need for Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) that WalkMe and Deloitte are setting out to meet with this alliance.

Digital adoption is the process by which companies help ensure their employees and customers are making the most effective use of their digital assets. With more than 35 million users in over 42 countries, and 31% of the Fortune 500, WalkMe is the pioneer of DAP technologies. Its no-code, platform-agnostic solution runs across all underlying applications.

For both employees and customers alike. WalkMe has continued to deliver digital solutions at scale to help organisations worldwide achieve their digital transformation goals. This is achieved by creating frictionless and elegant digital experiences that reduce complexity in the enterprise technology stack.

Ordoro announces barcode scanning for warehouse order picking workflows

Ordoro, a global leader in eCommerce logistics and operations, is launching a Barcode Scanning for Warehouse Order Picking feature. The solution is designed to allow businesses to quickly and accurately pick and pack products for orders needing fulfilment in bulk. This feature will enable operations teams to perform warehouse QA while they are going through their fulfilment process. It ensures customers receive the products they ordered.

Ordoro’s barcode scanning for picking feature will help reduce the number of errors made while shipping packages out the door. As the warehouse employee goes through the warehouse, they can scan the bins they are picking from to ensure the correct product is being picked. In turn, this will reduce overall costs and improve customer satisfaction – thus building invaluable brand loyalty.


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