lavor-prodotto sprayer (C) Lavor Comet GroupThe Comet Group has selected Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise ERP to replace its existing ERP solution. The Italian company is a world leader in producing pumps for agriculture. It is also an important player in industrial pumps and professional pressure washers.

It will deploy the solution in a multi-tenant cloud solution hosted in AWS. Comet will also implement the solution at its subsidiary Lavorwash SPA, the designer and manufacturer of cleaning machinery. The deployment of the ERP solution will simplify and standardise business processes within the two companies.

The Comet Group selected the Infor solution because it felt that the processes embedded within the solution were closely aligned to their business. Infor ERP solutions are not heterogeneous but deliver solutions for specific industries. In addition, the implementation accelerators that Infor offered reduced the risk of a failed deployment.

These convinced Comet Group that it was making the right choice. This is an impressive win for Infor, especially as the EMAK Group, the parent of COMET SPA only completed the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution in 2019.

Roberto Bertani, Comet Spa’s organization & innovation manager, commented, “Infor proved to be the ideal choice for our company. We have found in Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise a specific solution for the manufacturing sector in which we operate, which will allow us to achieve a high level of standardization between the Comet and Lavor processes, favouring collaboration and integration between the two companies.”

The solution

The Comet Group will deploy modules for production planning, finance, supply chain, improving data availability and operations. With the multi-tenant solution, the company will also benefit from the scalability, disaster recovery and security capabilities of the AWS cloud. With Infor automatically updating the solution, the company will also benefit from regular updates without the painful ERP upgrades it might have previously experienced.

This is not a quick implementation though. Infor did not share many details, but it expects the project to go live in its Italian offices in early 2023. That is more than a year away. It then intends to roll out the solution to its other locations around the world. Comet has offices in the USA, France and Mexico. Lavorwash has operations in Brazil, China, France, the UK, Spain, Poland and Mexico.

Bruno Pagani, Italy country sales manager at Infor
Bruno Pagani, Italy country sales manager at Infor

Bruno Pagani, Infor’s country manager for Italy, commented: “We are happy and proud to support the Comet Group as it pursues growth worldwide, with a single application solution and excellent operational and control processes, available 24 hours a day, regardless of the production model and distribution structure adopted. Infor is the ideal solution for Italian multinationals that produce and export around the world, the real beating heart of our economy.”

Once deployed, Comet and Lavorwash expect to increase competitiveness from the simplification and standardised processes. It will assist in containing costs, and Comet also expects the solution to also help in reducing waste.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

it is another significant win for Infor. This time from under the noses of Microsoft as its strategy of providing industry-specific ERP is paying off. Also, with its Infor OS underpinning the solution, its ability to operate in a two-tier ERP solution makes it a good choice for specialised industries.

Comet Group has 850 employees with just over 200 million Euros in annual revenue. IT consists of sixteen companies in total. It will be interesting to see whether these also choose to deploy Infor or go with Microsoft.

The deployment of the Microsoft solutions cost Emak Group €3.7 million. The press release did not reveal how much Comet Group spent. However, considering Comet contributes nearly half of the Emak Group revenues, will it reveal the cost in its annual report?


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