Nuix has been named Incident Forensics Solution of the Year at the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards 2021. The award recognises its partnership with Police Scotland. Together, the two organisations have reduced the time spent processing digital forensic data. Using Nuix, forensics teams have seen time taken to analyse complex cases reduced from years to months.

Richard Taylor, Detective Chief Inspector, Police Scotland commented on the strength of the technology: “As a result of our partnership with Nuix, we have significantly reduced the time for officers to complete forensic analysis, including data extraction, processing, and report preparation compared to previous methods. 

“The technology makes it possible to manage complex enquiries, by overlaying multiple digital devices in a way that has never been seen before. Previously it would have taken months to sift through evidence, now analysed using one single platform. The platform is imperative in breaking down complex data – sometimes sitting across 100 electronic devices containing 10s of millions of pieces of evidence.

“Nuix has the ability to dramatically improve digital forensic capabilities in comparison to existing processes, subsequently reducing backlogs and enhancing service delivery. Thanks to the use of Nuix, the dataset has been reduced to a level which allows us to pinpoint patterns of activity and pinpoint patterns of activity allowing further lines of enquiry to be identified. The platform has allowed Police Scotland to record significant digital evidence supporting a wide variety of cases.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Digital forensics is a complex area and one that is finally being recognised for the results it can deliver. In the case of Police Scotland, it was about analysing the data from criminal investigations to show patterns and trends. That data will have helped prosecutors bring successful cases against criminals.

Outside of law enforcement, organisations are beginning to realise that digital forensics has a place in their cybersecurity toolbox. While most teams focus on restoring systems post attack, digital forensics allow them to discover the root cause of the attack. It then allows an organisation to adapt its policies and processes to ensure that the attack cannot be repeated.


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