(Image credit/Pixabay/Alvi EKo Pratama)Software AG announced new ways for customers to automate connected enterprises through its webMethods platform for APIs, integration and microservices. Companies can simplify and automate the key steps to becoming a connected enterprise. This is achieved through its new DataHub, Developer Portal and Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools. In addition to hundreds of connectors and integration recipes.

webMethods customers can make quicker business decisions by analysing data flowing though their integrations in near real-time. In addition to automating and programmatically building out an API management strategy. This helps them to connect their enterprises as they seek to modernise their business and create great customer experiences.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Dr Stefan Sigg)
Dr Stefan Sigg, CPO, Software AG.

Dr Stefan Sigg, CPO at Software AG said, “Companies are becoming more connected today, through both choice and necessity. The complexity that comes along with this is a real challenge. Through webMethods we’re helping companies to overcome those challenges, so that they can focus on innovation and great customer experiences.”

New capabilities:

  • With the new webMethods DataHub, users can now access near real-time data insights using analytics, to make live business decisions. The user not only reduces their time to access data. They can do so through their choice of leading industry BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and others. This new offering will eliminate batch downloading and serve up data faster without involving complex IT approvals and coding.
  • webMethods.io MFT: The multi-function iPaaS Software AG is now adding managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities to current integration, B2B, API and IoT capabilities to webMethods.io. With the addition of cloud MFT for internal and B2B file transfers, Software AG continues to enhance its iPaaS solution.
  • webMethods Developer Portal: A new lightweight, embeddable portal. API-enabled makes it easy to create a API marketplace for developers that is branded with any company’s look and feel. Full headless capabilities enable simplified automation. Insightful dashboards and intuitive customisations enable businesses to create a collaborative space for developers.
  • Connector Development Ecosystem: With the new Connector Development Program, ISVs, OEM partners, resellers and customers can partner with Software AG. To build, test, certify and publish connectors to webMethods.io. This makes connectors and integrations available on-demand for webMethods.io users, speeding-up the integration process without extra burden on internal teams. The Connector Development ecosystem enhances already available, hundreds of Software AG connectors and recipes.

New functions for ARIS

Software AG has also launched several new functions for ARIS. The platform helps companies to automate how they manage digital transformation at both strategic and operational levels. The latest Process Mining functionalities for ARIS will give customers a more in-depth understanding of how processes are working and what causes them to slow down. At the same time, a number of automation tools that support cultural and language differences will help companies to design and rollout changes globally more quickly.

The new Root Cause Miner helps companies to understand their processes and bottlenecks more effectively. A fundamental first step in implementing any transformation initiatives. Combined with the new process export, ARIS users can immediately share and re-use best-in-class processes. As companies aim to connect more effectively across borders. The new variant management will help companies make the adaptations needed to ensure cultural and regional relevance. The automated translation further assists with different languages.

The pandemic has accelerated a number of initiatives, including remote work and automation,” says Dr Sigg. “Companies that invest in tools to support these changes will see much greater internal and competitive benefits much more quickly. Especially Business Continuity planning and efficiency optimisation through Process Mining have proven to be mission critical. We’re supporting our customers through this transformation process with our ARIS suite,” adds Dr Sigg.

According to a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Software AG, ARIS customers can get ROI of 301%. Furthermore, nearly $8m benefits over three years, as well as cutting the time spent on process analysis by 25%. The study found increasing speed of roll out by around 40%.

Companies needing new ways to connect

Dr Stefan Sigg continued: “At a time when rapid but effective change is vital to protect the future of many businesses. What could be more important than ensuring every minute of time spent is done so effectively. That means ensuring that processes work and that we’re finding ways to automate tasks that slow down those end results.

Suraj Kumar, GM of API, Integration and Microservices at Software AG, suggested: “Today, companies are looking for ways to connect all their technology. Whether it’s legacy or cutting edge. Our customers continue to face the pressure of performing at the ‘speed of business’ while trying to democratise IT investments. We are responding to companies needing real-time business insights, automate integrations and deliver hybrid cloud solutions without abandoning existing systems.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Software AG’s biggest annual event is just around the corner – ConXion. The company is convinced that businesses future depends on their better connections to ensure they remain a truly connected enterprise. As a result, Software AG announced enhancements to products and tools to ensure they remain relevant in these competitive times. webMethods latest version introduces new capabilities for customers and partners to serve up data insights and automate business. Root Cause Miner, Variant Management and Automatic Translation head list of new functions now available in the ARIS suite. The challenge for Software AG is their response to the increasing challenge of more agile minded companies embracing MACH principles. These nimbler companies are now setting their sights on enterprise level organisations – Software AG’s territory. Looking forward to how Software AG, and other similar large technology companies, react to the new kids on the block.



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