Photo by Alex Andrews from PexelsI am sure you use the search bar in Outlook to find the emails you require. But do you have so many emails that you feel that you need to type an essay to find what you need or find so many emails that fit that search criterion? Especially this past 18 months where everyone has been using more and more emails to talk to each other, be it, colleagues or customers. Have a read of my previous tips on the subject of searching in Outlook or for more than one word searches.

How to refine your email search

Here I am going to show you how to refine your search and show you that there are many different things you could use to find what you are looking for.

  • Start by opening Outlook.
  • Locate the search bar.

Search Bar

Here I’m going to search in the current mailbox.

  • Type the word or phrase you require.

If you pressed Enter then your results would show all the emails in that mailbox that meet the criteria you just typed. If you have too many answers you can cut them down. It is possible to reduce the results by narrowing the search down.

  • Still in the search bar type a comma then one of these words in CAPITALS.


You can even use <, >, = to refine still further.

After typing one of the above type a space then a word that fits the criteria you do not want added into the search or that also has in the email.

For this example I shall use the following:

I need to find all emails that have the word ‘Cardiff’ in them but not from a particular company called ‘SomeSuchCompany’.

Therefore my search bar would look like this.

Search Bar

My results will only show the emails that have Cardiff in them, but none from the company SomeSuchCompany.


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