(credit image/PIxabay/Jens P. Raak)Cart.com, an end-to-end eCommerce-as-a-service provider has acquired Sauceda Industries. Sauceda is a 3PL provider committed to providing fulfilment services to eCommerce brands of all sizes. The deal amplifies Cart.com’s existing fulfilment services, giving online merchants the streamlined infrastructure needed to compete with larger retailers.

Sauceda supports brands in need of full omnichannel support and has integrations with leading eCommerce platforms. This includes Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart. The Sauceda approach provides flexible and scalable services including D2C fulfilment, subscriptions fulfilment, B2B fulfilment, storage-as-a-service, and FBA prep. This enables merchants to focus on what they excel at. Growing their brands.

Cart.com is committed to delivering full-spectrum fulfilment services. This is part of its vision of bringing all eCommerce functions under a single unified umbrella. The company has grown its nationwide network at an impressive pace since the beginning of 2021. It has launched eight new fulfilment centres operated by Cart.com personnel, expanding its footprint 10X. The company has also added the capacity to seamlessly handle up to 50,000 packages per day.

Order fulfilment the no 1 pain point for retailers

(credit image/LinkedIn/Saheb Sabharwal)
Saheb Sabharwal, Chief Logistics Officer at Cart.com

Nobody starts an online store so they can get into the warehousing business. That’s why order fulfilment is the No. 1 pain point for retailers,” said Saheb Sabharwal, Chief Logistics Officer of Cart.com. “We’re excited to have Sauceda join Cart.com as we grow our end-to-end nationwide logistics network. We are looking to provide 1-2 day shipping for our fast-growing partner-brands. Our operations experts provide end-to-end logistics expertise, but also strategic guidance and seamless integration across the entire Cart.com eCommerce ecosystem. From using customer data to optimise inventory storage locations. To ensuring that marketing campaigns are targeted at geographies where stock is available. Cart.com is built to enable brand-builders, and Sauceda shares that vision,” Sabharwal added.

At Sauceda, we’ve always believed in treating people like people, at scale,” said Priscilla Sauceda, co-founder of Sauceda Industries. “From the earliest discussions it was apparent that Cart.com believed in the same approach to building their company culture. We couldn’t be more excited to do that at an even larger scale as part of their team.

Scalable people-centric logistical support

Sauceda was launched by TexasHumor.com founder Jay B. Sauceda in 2013. He found that existing logistics companies were not nimble or adaptive enough to support his up-and-coming eCommerce brand. Over the past eight years, Sauceda’s non-traditional, hands-on approach and flexible support has powered the growth of brands. Brands such as Bill Murray’s William Murray Golf apparel brand, the Grocery Family programme for Siete Foods. In addition to TV show Austin City Limits.

In the past eight years the Sauceda Industries team has shown that people-focused brands are served best by a brand-focused 3PL,” said Jay B. Sauceda, co-founder and CEO of Sauceda Industries. “By joining the Cart.com family, we’ll be able to bring that vision to an even bigger audience. Give brands across North America the scalable, customer and people-centric logistical support they need to realize their full potential.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Sauceda Industries had the reputation of being a Logistics and fulfilment pioneering organisation. As a result, it made Sauceda a great fit for Cart.com, which will benefit from the company’s established network. Sauceda has an established ecosystem of partners, customers and processes, and people and rich culture. Cart.com is in a good position to scale the Sauceda model for national brands across the Cart.com fulfilment footprint. All analysts predict eCommerce will continue to grow to new heights. Ensuring the back office systems – warehousing, fulfilment and inventory management – are in place to support growth will be important. Hence Cart.com’s purchase of Sauceda Industries.


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