Vizibl has won a notable new customer. Heineken has signed to implement the Vizibl Supplier Collaboration & Innovation (SC&I) platform. Heineken has signed a multi-year agreement that will help it to align, manage, standardise, and leverage supplier relationships across the organisation. In addition, Vizibl will help it to work collaboratively with key partners and help drive innovation.

Mark Perera, CEO at Vizibl, commented: “This agreement with Heineken further cements Vizibl’s position as the leading Supplier Collaboration and Innovation platform. In today’s hyper-competitive supplier landscape, the Vizibl platform will provide the foundation to enable Heineken to bring transparency, consistency, and collaboration to its supplier relationships. These relationships are key for enabling supplier innovation – one of the most important levers enterprise companies have at their disposal for driving sustainable growth.”

What is not clear is the scope of the project. Heineken completed the deployment of an estimated 51 operating companies for Futurmaster worldwide. Heineken was planning to deploy the next generations FuturMaster SaaS solution. This announcement may mean that Heineken has identified a shortcoming in its functionality. Vizibl is filling that supplier management gap, and with a multi-year investment, Heineken is serious about the solution. What isn’t mentioned in the press release is how Vizibl will integrate into Futurmaster.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a huge deal for Vizibl. While it is a multi-year deal, it isn’t clear whether it is global in nature, nor how big. If it is global, then it is significant for several reasons. It will give Vizibl another brand name to add to its customer list, and it will also give the company a greater presence across the world. This may mean it attracts interest from some larger vendors such as Futurmaster, SAP or Microsoft – Heineken uses all three. The deal could also help Vizibl attract further investment if it needs to accelerate growth. It last raised capital in 2019 (Source Crunchbase). Perhaps now is the time for further acceleration?


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