(Image credit/Pixabay/Pexel)High fashion global brand, Vivienne Westwood has selected Mapp’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). The platform will drive its digital communication strategy forward while delivering personalised and targeted customer communications.

Vivienne Westwood, one of the last independent global fashion brands, is about more than producing clothes and accessories. With a forty year heritage, the company is as renowned for raising awareness of environmental and human rights issues as it is for its imaginative designs. The company now has stores in 63 locations around the world including a strong presence in the UK, 19 stores in South Korea and a further 12 in both China and Hong Kong.

Constantly engaged customers

Vivienne Westwood say they are a forward thinking, customer first business. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure it has a progressive CDP to help serve its customers. The company says it selected Mapp Cloud as its Customer Data Platform not only because of the technology offered. But also the high level of support and expertise on hand to drive the digital communication strategy forward.

Vivienne Westwood understands the value of its customers and the importance of effectively engaging with customers online, in addition to offline and in its stores. As a result, it has implemented Mapp partner Eyos (formerly yReceipts) to handle its instore digital receipts. As a by-product of all transactions taking a digital receipt, Mapp Cloud receives valuable store transactional data. It is also a direct channel for obtaining customer opt-ins which helps build the personalisation story and tailor marketing communications.

True personalisation based on insights

Vivienne Westwood has a strong business focus on personalised and targeted communications. The company is now using all aspects of Mapp Cloud including its onsite behavioural tool to deliver personalised product recommendations. In addition to key revenue-driving campaigns such as abandonment. Vivienne Westwood is also taking an insight-led approach to its strategic decisions. It has implemented the Mapp Intelligence solution to drive actionable retail insights and tailor cross-channel marketing communications accordingly. This aligns the business against KPIs as well as providing a detailed analysis of channel performance. Building tailored RFM models against its customer set.

Ilaria Morelli, Digital Marketing Manager, at Vivienne Westwood (Image credit/LinkedIn/Ilaria Morelli)
Ilaria Morelli, Digital Marketing Manager, at Vivienne Westwood

Ilaria Morelli, Digital Marketing Manager, at Vivienne Westwood said, “Since working with Mapp Cloud we have seen excellent results. We can now unify all our customer data from previously disparate sources. With Mapp Intelligence we are getting insight-led customer data at our fingertips which is driving business change. We look forward to developing our activity with Mapp over the coming months and years.

Hyper-personalised communications at scale

Vivienne Westwood has reduced the cost of its in-house design team and has reduced the time needed to create emails. It now also has more data against its customer base than ever before. This includes real-time web browsing, offline store purchase data as well as all eCommerce transactions. Key campaign mechanics such as open rates are now upwards of 38%. They drive large customer engagement with a clickthrough rate of over 5.8%. These figures are testament to its segmentation strategy and relevance to its customers.

The Vivienne Westwood team can identify nearly 1 in 3 of all visitors to the website. Moreover, can successfully target customers who are in the market and serve hyper-personalised communications at scale. With a high average order value of £140 per transaction, it is vital that customers have the best customer experience. Not only to initially convert but also to return and become repeat advocates of the brand. This is a testament to why actionable insights are crucial to its long-term strategy.

Victoria Stephens, Customer Success Manager, at Mapp said: “As a business, we love working with iconic brands. It has been hugely exciting to leverage the full Mapp Cloud technology for Vivienne Westwood. The implementation has accelerated revenues coming through its digital channels. We are continuing to innovate and implement programmes that are tailored to Vivienne Westwood’s customers. This is based on intelligent insights and having many exciting plans upcoming. Watch this space!

Enterprise Time: What this means for business?

For luxury brands like Vivienne Westwood having an eCommerce option is no longer considered to be a nice-to-have or a glossy brochureware. It is an essential business channel for supporting your brand and protecting revenue. The global pandemic only accelerated its importance.

To sell, or not to sell online – that is no longer the question. The surreal events of 2020 demonstrated the importance of reaching and maintaining relationships with customers through digital channels. Many businesses including luxury brands were able to effectively pivot their businesses at the peak of the global lockdown. Shops were forced to close as concerns over the pandemic grew. However, many luxury brands such as Hermès and Kering have reported earnings that reflected the surge in e-commerce. Hence Vivienne Westwood’s eCommerce investment and adoption of technology will drive its digital communication strategy. It’s impressive they are adopting a more unified data approach to ensure customers are placed centre stage of all communications.


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