In an initiative targeted at SMB Distribution companies, Infor is offering three free user licenses of Infor CloudSuite Distribution. The deal is for the cloud-based ERP powered by Infor Distribution SX.e ERP. There is an additional option for a fixed fee services engagement. It is only available to new customers, not those already using Infor software.

Kelly Squizzero, Infor senior director of industry & solution strategy for distribution, commented: “Infor cloud solutions can help SMBs get back to business faster and stronger and can help them level the playing field against larger competitors. Infor CloudSuite Distribution is uniquely suited to help address increasing customer demands, stronger security threats, a challenging employment market, and the need for greater visibility.”

The deal also includes:

  • A subscription for three free user licenses of Infor CloudSuite Distribution
  • Pre-configured dashboards and reports
  • Implementation accelerators
  • Full access to Premium Support through Infor Concierge

What it doesn’t include is the Pricing Science, a component of CloudSuite Distribution. It is also unclear how long the deal is available and whether it is only the first year that is free.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is an innovative offer from Infor and targeted at the thousands of smaller distribution companies in North America that have suffered through the pandemic. This is not a simple free trial, but there does not appear to be an expiry period. The implementation of the solution is likely to take internal time and as well as external resources. For which, although there is a fixed fee, Infor has not indicated the cost. What will be interesting is to see whether this initiative is a success. Many SaaS companies offer free access to their software on a trial basis with a simple setup. The approach works. For more sophisticated applications, a more considered approach is better. What Infor hopes to achieve is to cut out much of the sales engagement time with this offer. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds and whether competitors react.


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