(Image credit/Pixabay/ppoppy486)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: VTEX and Pivotree selected to support CAE’s company-wide digital transformation initiative. UCX empowers virtual channel users with a new solution to consolidate channel sales. Advatis service aims to help eCommerce companies prepare for the surge, based on 2020 lessons and industry best practices. ShipBob customers can now get 100% 2-day coverage across the continental US on the Walmart Marketplace. FastSpring announced expansion plans in their global commerce platform to support B2B SaaS and downloadable software companies with sales teams.

VTEX and Pivotree selected by CAE to launch B2B Marketplaces

VTEX is a commerce platform with native marketplace and order management capabilities. It has announced that, together with Pivotree a provider in frictionless commerce solutions, it has been chosen by CAE, a global high-technology leader in training and operational support, to support new B2B marketplaces.

In an effort to support the company’s digital transformation initiative, CAE wanted to make its customer experience more seamless and intuitive for its customers across all three business units. That includes Civil Aviation, Defense and Security and Healthcare. To achieve this, CAE partnered with VTEX and Pivotree to launch B2B marketplaces. These will streamline and facilitate maintenance and operations lifecycles for CAE’s training products and solutions as well as accelerate its strategy to make digital training services available online.

CAE chose to partner with VTEX for its robust marketplace capabilities and support for selling digital goods and services, as well as its training material subscriptions. VTEX’s single platform for commerce, marketplace and order management also made it an attractive option for CAE.

Pivotree brings over two decades of experience as a leading services provider for enterprise eCommerce platforms, including a large portfolio of successful platform implementation and digital transformation projects. Its focus on delivering frictionless commerce experiences has guided Pivotree’s prioritization of implementing modern omnichannel solutions like that of VTEX.

CAE plans to launch multiple sites responding to specific market needs globally over the upcoming quarters and estimates that over 5,000 customers will be enabled to use the platform initially.

UCX Announces the launch of the Shopify integration

UCX, the digital solutions company has announced a Shopify integration to support businesses looking to consolidate online channel sales. The Shopify integration also provides a new way for vendors to streamline their reseller management workflow.
The integration enables vendors to expedite order fulfilment by synchronising orders and product stock across channels. It also enables the management of order fulfilment, refunds, commissions, resellers, and more for both eCommerce platforms (the UCX Virtual Channel and Shopify) in one place.

Features and benefits of the Shopify integration include:

  • Channel sales consolidation. Resellers can capture and collect orders on UCXmarket and send them directly to Shopify for unified management, processing, and fulfillment. Sales are synced in real time in both channels for optimal efficiency.
  • Reseller management. By integrating Shopify into their Virtual Channel, vendors consolidate all their product sales to their Shopify store. They can manage all resellers and their orders from one centralised location.
  • Workflow automation. With the integration, vendors maintain accurate inventory levels and issue refunds without having resellers go back and forth with buyers. The automation process covers ordering, fulfilment, shipping, invoicing, and more for a straightforward selling process.

Advatix to provide eCommerce holiday peak planning service for 2021

Advatix has developed a comprehensive and high-speed programme to help eCommerce companies prepare their operations for the 2021 Holiday season. This years peak demand is expected to be the highest ever. Holiday shopping shifted to eCommerce at an unprecedented rate last year. This caused serious challenges for eCommerce fulfilment and delivery.

The order volume will be even greater this year. Most eCommerce brands will experience a significant impact on their ability to fulfil and deliver customer orders during this holiday peak. It will be a “costly” peak for businesses that are not ready.

The companies most prepared will win. Amazon, Walmart, and a few others have been gearing up for months. FedEx and UPS have already announced a peak surcharge with a continued shortage of logistics capacity. For the eCommerce industry, the holiday season can be mixed with stress, risk, and significant revenue upside at stake.

Advatix is on a mission to help businesses “conquer the peak”. It has developed a unique Peak Planning Service to help eCommerce brands prepare for the holiday surge. The programme is based on lessons from 2020, industry best practices, and the team’s extensive experience with managing eCommerce peaks.

ShipBob partners with Walmart to support 2-day shipping coverage

ShipBob, the leading global cloud-based logistics platform for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced a partnership with Walmart. It has also been listed as a shipping and fulfilment solution for Walmart’s marketplace sellers. As a new 3PL participating in Walmart’s TwoDay delivery program, ShipBob integrates with Walmart Marketplace to display free 2-day delivery badging and fulfil 2-day orders for approved Walmart Marketplace sellers. ShipBob also continues to support fulfilment for Walmart Marketplace orders outside of the TwoDay delivery program.

ShipBob provides 2-day shipping to customers in the continental United States and has a 95% on-time delivery rate. ShipBob’s platform enables ecommerce businesses to thrive in today’s convenience economy by addressing their consumers’ expectations of fast and affordable shipping.

The ShipBob platform has access to best-in-class supply chain and fulfilment capabilities. It gives Walmart Marketplace sellers a single view of their inventory, orders and shipments across all sales channels and locations. It also offers advanced analytics that provides insights into shipping performance, inventory allocation and fulfilment costs.

FastSpring expands from eCommerce to support SaaS and software multi-channel commerce

FastSpring plans to expand its global commerce platform to support B2B SaaS and downloadable software companies with sales teams. the company fully manages global tax and localised checkout on behalf of its customers.

The company’s new solutions extend FastSpring’s global commerce capabilities to B2B SaaS and software companies and their sales teams. FastSpring’s B2B suite of tools includes a Digital Invoicing solution. It allows software companies to quickly create and manage quotes, POs, and invoices and process recurring payments that satisfy B2B requirements.

These enhancements allow companies that sell to both B2B and B2C buyers to consolidate their payments, subscription management, recurring billing, localised pricing, and account and order management into one place. It brings their B2C sales offering visibility and operational efficiency into revenue across all sales channels. FastSpring’s core commerce platform localises the checkout experience for buyers all around the world. It also supports all common local B2B. In addition to B2C, payment methods including credit cards, local APMs, ACH, SEPA, and wire payments.

FastSpring has also unveiled Interactive Quotes, a new way for B2B SaaS and software sales teams to accelerate the sales process. Originally known as SalesRight, Interactive Quotes provides sales representatives with a guided selling solution. The solution explains even the most complex pricing and gathers insights about the prospect through quote activity tracking and close deals. All this within a single collaborative quoting experience that is integrated with leading CRMs.



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