(credit image/Pixabay/Yan Wong)Informatica has unveiled an Intelligent Data Management Cloud solution. The platform is designed to help businesses truly innovate with their data on any platform. This includes any cloud, multi-cloud and multi-hybrid for all users across the enterprise, beyond just IT.

Businesses increasingly grapple with dispersed and fragmented data across a multitude of platforms, clouds and siloed systems throughout the enterprise. This makes it extremely complex to connect the right data with the right consumer for digital transformation to take effect. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud is AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform offering 200-plus intelligent cloud services. The platform helps organisations reimagine and redefine how they innovate every single business function. From customer experience, eCommerce, supply chain, manufacturing to analytics and data science. To create a world where every organisation’s data is poised for greatness. Furthermore, empowered to deliver outcomes of unprecedented brilliance at a scale never imagined.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Amit Walia)
Amit Walia, CEO, Informatica.

As the heterogeneity of cloud increases—from applications to analytics to infrastructure—what really matters is the data. Not what surrounds the data,” said Amit Walia, CEO, Informatica. “Data proliferation, fragmentation and decentralisation across multiple clouds and hybrid environments is the new normal. Those who connect the right data to the right consumers, with ease and trust will move from digital modernisation to true digital transformation. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud is the future of enterprise cloud data management.”

Informatica’s new Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is a modern and holistic enterprise cloud data management platform. Features include:

Cloud native at scale

Data is growing exponentially as organisations shift to the cloud. IDMC is micro-services based and API-driven, scaling for all enterprise workloads with elastic and serverless processing. IDMC takes cloud native to the next level, offering all services in a single cloud-native platform for data integration, app and API integration and data management. Organisations have the flexibility to elastically scale up processing as the business demands and benefits from the ability to ingest data in any form at any latency to further the democratisation of data and empower business users with data-led insights.

AI-powered, metadata-driven intelligence

For organisations that process petabytes of data a day in a highly fragmented and dispersed data landscape. It is mission critical to have a metadata-driven system of record that is also powered by AI.This will enable them with valuable insights in real time to make smart decisions. Informatica’s AI engine, CLAIRE, is at the core of the Intelligent Data Management Cloud. It enables customers with AI and ML capabilities to derive insights from troves of data in minutes. In contrast, to several months with intelligence and automation, to substantially increase productivity.

Enterprise-scale data management on any cloud, any platform

The new Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is the foundation for true digital transformation. It enables enterprises to visualise, analyse and collaborate with their data regardless of location or platform. A single cloud-native platform enabling data integration, app integration, API and data management at scale, all in one place. Built for hybrid, multi-cloud environments, IDMC runs all workloads at enterprise-scale in the cloud. It currently processes more than 17 trillion transactions each month. Organisations will be able to connect, access, consume and govern data wherever it flows. This can be in the cloud, cloud-to-on-premises environments or on-premises-to-on-premises environments.
Agile innovation at speed with low-code, no-code cloud data management.

The pace of business requires extreme agility to meet dynamic and ever-changing needs. IDMC maximises agility and collaboration with a low-code or no-code experience. This allows customers to go directly from idea to implementation, responding to dynamic business requirements and changes in real time. Furthermore, without the overhead of developing and maintaining code. By democratising data and empowering more users across the business with trusted, timely and actionable data insights at-scale. Organisations can digitally transform business initiatives from customer experience, to eCommerce, to financial transformation and supply chain management.

Security and trust by design with data governance

IDMC has security and trust as a design principle, not an afterthought. Data is the most valuable asset to organisations today and its protection is mission critical. IDMC offers some of the highest industry standards of data security and governance. To define and enforce policies that ensure that appropriate teams can quickly access and understand data and other artifacts. This includes AI models and pipelines. It ensures trust with consistent enterprise-wide data quality and protects data to minimise privacy risks and manage regulatory compliance.

As data proliferation rises, companies will need an end-to-end platform capable of managing data regardless of where it is housed. More importantly, powered by AI to offer real-time data intelligence,” said Scott Holcomb, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We look forward to collaborating with Informatica. To bring the power of Intelligent Data Management Cloud to our joint clients,” Holcomb added.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Increasingly smart organisations and enterprises are recognising data as a valuable asset. They look for ways to enable its flow where and when its needed. This is to ensure the right people can gain maximise insight and value. Furthermore, the potential efficiency gains made by data that flows are potentially massive. It can allow for even more investment of time, capital and professional attention. Informatica’s new AI-powered, cloud-first, cloud-native, end-to-end platform promises to enable users to seamlessly manage data. Across any platform, any cloud and for any user. These are mighty-fine marketing words, and Informatica has an impressive list of customers. Regarding its new platform, the proof will be in the eating and the user cases which emerge from this announcement.



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