Deltek has launched a new partner program, the Deltek Partner Network. The program supports three types of partners: Solutions partners, Marketplace partners, and Advocates. Each is supported by new tools, processes, and a partner platform.

Core to the announcement is the launch of a new Solutions partner platform. This will enable more than 100 existing Solutions partners to register and track opportunities, consume enablement resources, leverage marketing tools, and access new partner program benefits. Solutions partners resell and co-sell Deltek products.


The Deltek Marketplace lists around 96 applications/integrations to applications and they have added 8 in 2021 alone according to Deltek. That means in the last two years they have added over 70 applications.

The advocate program enables organisations to refer customers to Deltek for a commission. Deltek then does all the sales engagement.

Jonathan Eisner, Deltek’s Vice President of Global Partner Sales and Alliances, commented: “Our partners have always been central to our go-to-market strategy. They play a strategic role by expanding our global reach, keeping customers current on our latest technology solutions and enhancing our product offerings. We will continue evolving our programs, investing in our partners and equipping them with the latest tools and resources available to build their businesses and in turn, make our mutual customers successful.

“The Deltek Partner Network is a significant milestone that demonstrates our commitment to our partners and positions them to reach new markets with more products, faster. This launch is not our final destination, but a key milestone on our committed journey to more deeply harness the power of partners to grow Deltek Project Nation together.”

What do partners think?

Jacques Du Buisson, Managing Director at Silversoft, the international partner of the year for the fourth time in succession, commented: “As an international partner located in South Africa, miles away from Deltek’s headquarters, Deltek’s recent investments in the Partner Network have made our firm, team and our clients feel closer and more connected to Deltek. After more than ten years of close partnership with Deltek, we feel more supported than ever and this has given our firm the capability to better support our clients and continue our growth.”

Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing and Sales with Full Sail Partners said: “Deltek’s increased investment with a new partner platform has a transformational impact on our entire ecosystem. The culmination of these efforts result in a more effective partner program to help us grow our business while jointly solving the challenges our mutual customers face.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Modernising the partner network is a positive move for existing partners. However, details of what it can provide potential partners are only available on request. More detail around the tools is needed if Deltek wants to attract new partners more easily.


  1. The correction above was made because the article originally stated that there were only 34 applications on the Marketplace. Deltek pointed out the correct figure. the original error was made because the Marketplace initially displays only 34 entries.


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