Elastic Path (Credit image/Pixabay/ Arek Socha)Elastic Path, an eCommerce software provider and Myplanet, a digital experience agency have launched six new digital commerce solutions.  The solutions support direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands with full control to deliver unique, content-rich digital commerce experiences across a range of devices. This includes web, mobile, marketplace, chat, social, and retail touchpoints. Elastic Paths says the new solution will provide unparalleled simplicity and speed.

These Pre-Composed Solutions combine the flexibility of the headless, API, and microservices-powered commerce platform from Elastic Path. This includes out-of-the-box integrations with Amplience (CMS), Algolia (Search), Dynamic Yield (Personalization), Segment (CDP), and Google Analytics (GA Enhanced eCommerce); and pre-built business capabilities into a unified, ready-to-deploy solution available in the  Composable Commerce Hub.

The Composable Commerce Hub is an open exchange of business solutions supported by an ecosystem of leading digital commerce providers. This open exchange supports brands to unlock the full benefits of the composable commerce movement. It provides everything eCommerce teams need to quickly and easily compose, launch, and continuously optimise unique, revenue-driving digital commerce experiences.

Key eCommerce D2C challenges

To achieve growth in increasingly saturated consumer markets, D2C brands have to differentiate themselves against competitors. The top eCommerce challenges that D2C brands face today include:

  • Brand Consistency: Ensuring the brand’s unique value proposition is experienced consistently across all touchpoints.
  • Global Expansion: Expanding into new global markets, while providing localized flexibility and centralised control.
  • Multi-brand Identity: Supporting the individuality of sub-brands while ensuring centralized control.
  • New Channels: Launching new revenue-generating touchpoints (i.e. marketplace, mobile, social, etc.).
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value: Creating engaging experience that promote brand loyalty and revisit rate.

To overcome these challenges and unlock new revenue, many brands are drawn to headless, API, and microservices-based digital commerce technologies. This enables retailers to assemble solutions based on these modern technologies from multiple vendors to create a best-of-breed solution. However, the risk and complexity associated with selecting, integrating, deploying, operating, and supporting solutions from multiple vendors can be prohibitive.

Composable Commerce

To eliminate this risk, many D2C businesses end up with cookie-cutter commerce solutions that lack modular architecture to easily design differentiated experiences. The result is an inability to keep pace with changing needs of the business, as customizations are complex and expensive. This dilemma is why Elastic Path spearheaded the Composable Commerce movement in 2020. A modern approach by which brands are empowered to “compose” solutions from multiple vendors, according to their exact business requirements.

The six new Pre-Composed Solutions from Elastic Path and Myplanet can be used individually or together. They enable D2C branded manufacturers to overcome the top eCommerce challenges and focus on what matters. They help create unique, content-rich experiences that drive revenue growth. As opposed to dealing with the complexity of stitching together solutions from multiple vendors.

Solution benefits include:

  • Launch fast with out-of-the-box integrations for Elastic Path, Amplience (CMS), Algolia (Search), Dynamic Yield (Personalisation), Segment (CDP), and Google Analytics. Brands spend less time thinking about technical integrations and more time creating beautiful, brand-driven experiences.
  • Customise fast with a user-friendly Design Studio that simplifies personalising according to brand guidelines and creative needs.
  • Monetise any touchpoint across web, mobile, chat, marketplace, social, and retail.
(Image credit/LinkedIn/Tiffany Spizzo)
Tiffany Spizzo, VP, Global Channel and Alliances at Elastic Path

Due to the inherent complexity of stitching together headless, API, and microservices-based solutions into a business-ready application. These technologies have only been accessible to the most digitally mature organisations,” said Tiffany Spizzo, VP, Global Channel and Alliances at Elastic Path. “Finally, any D2C brand can leverage the benefits of a modern tech stack. Without needing to take on any of the complexity previously associated with these modern technologies,” Spizzo added.

We partnered with Elastic Path to build these Pre-Composed Solutions with the needs of content-driven D2C brands’ in mind,” said Everett Zufelt, VP, Product at Myplanet. “Now brands will be able to rapidly deliver unique, content-rich digital commerce experiences across any touchpoint with ease,” Zufelt added.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Elastic Path is not part of the MACH Alliance. However, the company appears to follow the spirit of the Alliance, supports brands driving digital differentiation with composable commerce. Combining the flexibility of headless, API, and microservices-powered commerce with the out-of-the-box integrations of a number of key industry players. The Alliance believes that the interoperability and open architecture of modern software will propel current and future digital experiences. It invites like-minded companies to do the join them. Don’t be surprised when Elastic Path joins their ranks sooner, rather than later.


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