manufacturing cloud (c) 2012 Clker-Free-Vector-ImagesAptean recently announced the availability of a fully cloud-based ERP solution for discrete manufacturers. In the press release and linked web pages, Aptean spends a lot of time talking about the benefits of what cloud offers manufacturing companies. However, it is unclear exactly what manufacturing functionality is included. The press release states that it modernises its offering to Job Shops, Dynamic “To-Order” and Mixed-Mode Manufacturing. It is a little unclear what this means though.

What is being announced?

Duane George, Chief Product Officer at Aptean (Image credit LinkedIn)
Duane George, Chief Product Officer at Aptean

Aptean has several ERP solutions that it has acquired over the last few years. The press release does not say which of these is part of this announcement. Enterprise Times received some initial written feedback from Duane George, Aptean CPO, about the launch.

Is this a completely new solution?

“Aptean is moving our solution that has been specifically designed for discrete manufacturers to the cloud to help enable our customers to advance their digital transformation.“

This response, merely confused. Despite further requests, Aptean did not answer which of its solutions, or all of them make up this new offering. Potential portfolio ERP applications include:

Is this truly cloud-based?

Over the years, many vendors have promised cloud-based solutions without really deliver a true cloud-based solution. However, in this case, Aptean is keen to point out the advantages of this truly multi-tenant solution. Benefits include reduced cost, high availability (an uptime SLA of greater than 99%), scalable and secure. Customers can choose whether to have their solution deployed from the Aptean Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Marianne Chikos, Group Vice President at Aptean, commented: “Today’s users expect to be able to access enterprise resource planning software from any location and any device, at any time. With these enhancements, we’ve created an ERP built especially for industrial manufacturers that delivers simpler access, more flexibility and integrations into various business solutions that will equip them to perform more efficiently during uncertain times.”

Enterprise Times asked Duane if the solution is evergreen?

“Yes. Part of the benefit of moving to the cloud is that the Aptean solution stays updated and current. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is designed to scale with your business so that you don’t need to upgrade down the line.”

Does it support single-tenant?

“Yes. This solution is offered either multi- or single-tenant to best meet the needs of our customers.“

George also revealed the Aptean has several customers already using the solution, though the press release did not reveal whom.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The good news is that Aptean has launched a true multi-tenant cloud ERP. However, Aptean missed an opportunity to provide further details about what functionality that matters to manufacturers is included. Without details about which solution or solutions have been moved to multi-tenants, it is unclear whether this is a multiple vertical strategy or a convergence of one set of the existing applications without the Aptean portfolio. In time Aptean will no doubt reveal further information. Once Enterprise Times has had a conversation around the “new” product, it will provide further information.


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