Nintex Workflow Cloud (c) 2021Nintex has unveiled the latest version of Nintex Workflow Cloud, its cloud-based process platform. The highlight of this release is a new seamless integration with Nintex Analytics. There are also a wealth of other improvements to the platform that will enable customers to transform operations, automating end-to-end processes as part of a digital transformation strategy. Nintex Workflow Cloud enables this with robotic process automation (RPA), workflow automation, digital forms, and document generation. The company has also added to the wealth of integrations to different solutions it already has with this release.

Neal Gottsacker, Nintex Chief Product Officer
Neal Gottsacker, Nintex Chief Product Officer

Neal Gottsacker, Nintex Chief Product Officer, commented: “We are committed to delivering process management, automation and optimization technology that improves how people work and provides competitive advantages for every organization that standardizes on Nintex. By seamlessly integrating Nintex Workflow Cloud with Nintex Analytics, our customers and partners benefit from a robust data infrastructure that reports on workflows across an organization’s entire Nintex deployment. This provides clear visibility into vital process data and helps every organization be more agile – by identifying processes that are running effectively and those that could be improved based on real-time, actionable process intelligence.”

New Integrations

Nintex already includes integrations to systems of record such as Microsoft Office365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Salesforce. This release sees connectors for Google Directory and Trello. The Trello integration enables organisations to create workflows outside of Trello to create, update, delete extract information from cards on the Kanban-style task management application.

A new Google Directory connector supports creating groups, adding users, and extracting information from Google Directory. During February, the company will also add connectors for Microsoft Exchange Online and other Google connectors. Itit is also committed to rolling out more connectors over the coming months.

Nintex Analytics

It isn’t exactly clear what the new features are that the release includes concerning Nintex Analytics. The release notes say nothing about further enhancements. However, it provides pre-built dashboards that enable organisations to assess the status of their automation. These can help highlight bottlenecks in process flows or identity trends, such as increasing manual interventions. This may lead to identifying new workflows that the organisation can create to increase efficiency.

Other updates

The release also contains several other enhancements. The most notable of which is the ability to assign an action to up to ten users. This helps ensure that tasks are completed faster as the first individual becomes available. Where organisations use Azure Active Directory via SAML, Nintex Workflow Cloud now supports Guest Users. Once a guest user is added to the Azure Active Directory, they can also access the Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex is hosting a virtual event– “Automate Faster & Smarter with Nintex Workflow Cloud,” between March 9-11, 2021. During it, attendees will see and hear more about how Nintex can help their organisation. It also includes customer stories such as New Belgium that have used Nintex for more than a decade. It has become an integral part of the brewer’s customer engagement systems. Tye Eyden, Business System Analyst at New Belgium, said: “At New Belgium, Nintex is a great tool in our toolbox – it really is a Swiss Army knife.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While the detail of the integration between Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Analytic is missing from the information available. This connection, highlighted by Gottsacker, does close the loop for organisations using Nintex. It is now possible to automate processes, identify the success or issues of that automation using Nintex Analytics. It will enable companies to better measure the ROI provided by the solution and adjust to increase its efficiency.

As Nintex adds more integration to the platform in the coming months will it also build new partnerships with software vendors to increase its reach?


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