Lumber - LBM - Image by Hans Braxmeier from PixabayEpicor has unveiled the latest release of Epicor BisTrack Global. This is its go-forward solution for North American customers and new UK Customers. BisTrack Global supports the building supply industry across both regions. This is not a major release but does contain some useful additions. Jason Parchomchuk, Manager, BisTrack Product Management, Epicor commented: “For the last 45 years, we’ve committed ourselves to raising the bar on building supply business practices, and this latest update to BisTrack is no different.

Jason Parchomchuk Product Manager | BisTrack at Epicor Software (Image credit Linkedin/
Jason Parchomchuk, Product Manager | BisTrack at Epicor Software

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact of COVID-19 on our customers’ business. For this reason, we have enhanced our BisTrack solution with today’s unique challenges top of mind. With BisTrack, we are empowering lumber and building material supply businesses with the ability to gain insights, as well as simplify and optimize processes, to ultimately better serve their customers and grow their business.”

The main theme of this release is around the integration capabilities into new solutions. It wasn’t clear from the press release whether the update included any specific functionality that will help organisations cope with the pandemic.

What is in the release

The release notes for the new version was not made available, and information about the release is scarce. The most important component of this release is that BisTrack global is now integrated with Epicor Financials. This is the continuation of the wider Epicor strategy to deliver common components alongside its industry solutions. It means that organisations leveraging Epicor Financials will benefit from a more comprehensive finance solution, the one that the traditional BisTrack solution offered. Epicor Financials delivers a complete financial management solution with end-to-end control and visibility of financial transactions and processes.

The integration theme continued with deeper integration to Epicor Warehouse Management. BisTrack users now have greater visibility of how inventory is stored and packaged in the warehouse. Users can update information as maintenance or movements occur in real-time, and the data is updated within BisTrack. Epicor has also added more API endpoints to enhance the integration to eCommerce solutions.

Epicor also calls out improvements to the management of kits. It is now possible to leverage kit attributes to update information on multiple kits at the same time. Kits can consist of all components, products and processes. Thus this update will help to reduce the administration task required in certain circumstances. It isn’t clear exactly how or when this will apply as not detailed information was given. However, the ability to switch out a component or set of components and processes within each kit could be extremely useful for some businesses.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This update at first glance does not appear to have a huge depth to it. Certainly, there was little outreach from Epicor about the new release. This is surprising as it contains several strategically important updates and what is a very useful improvement in simplified kit management. The press release is also not the full list of updated features, and there is no doubt a bug fix list also associated with the release.


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