(Image credit/Pixabay/ Andreas Breitling)SurveyMonkey has launched its new customer experience (CX) solution, the GetFeedback platform. Announced at SurveyMonkey’s inaugural customer experience event, the CX Impact Summit, the multi-channel offering is a CX solution that helps organisations set up their CX program within days. The platform was designed to quickly understand and act on customer insights. This agile approach to customer experience allows organisations to deliver meaningful experiences that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. SurveyMonkey says companies will spend less time configuring complicated CX technology and more time focusing on what matters most. Nurturing customer relationships.

Compared to service-heavy CX offerings, the GetFeedback platform fills a market gap by helping enterprise customers deploy the solution quickly and easily. Customers can collect critical feedback across all digital channels and bring in operational data from Salesforce, all in one platform. A 360-degree view of the customer has become even more important for customer retention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Experience research

SurveyMonkey research launched last week revealed that 89% of surveyed C-level executives say that they are extremely invested in CX. Furthermore, 51% of executives say bringing together CX and operational data remains a challenge they face with their CX initiatives. In addition, 43% said that their companies have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. While 68% have added additional customer touchpoints as a result of the pandemic.

GetFeedback empowers us to easily measure our customer experience and identify key drivers behind customer satisfaction,” said Mike Cancel, user support operations manager at Pandora. “With GetFeedback, we uncovered a need to enhance our chatbot experience. By acting on this feedback, we’ve seen an incredible 14% lift in chat customer satisfaction. Their powerful Salesforce integration also enables us to connect feedback data with our operational data. This makes it easy for our customer-facing teams to quickly access insights and take action.

Purpose-built for the Salesforce customer, GetFeedback is currently a top-rated customer feedback solution according to the Salesforce AppExchange.

Leveraging customer and operational data

Organisations can leverage customer and operational data, and power automated actions that improve the overall customer experience. With a new look and feel from the previous GetFeedback and Usabilla solutions, the updated combined platform features include.

  • Cohesive User Experience: A cohesive user experience for customers to manage programs across any digital channel.
  • Workspaces: New analytics experience to bring feedback from any channel together, which also includes AI-powered text analysis. It also provides the ability to segment by varying customer attributes.
  • AX Platform: Through the GetFeedback Agile Experience Platform, users can unify CX data and customer attributes in one place. They can automate CX programmes, and integrate with the other apps they already use to get work done. This includes Salesforce, Microsoft, Slack, and Jira. SurveyMonkey continues to invest in scaling its enterprise offerings and investing in integrations with customers’ systems of record.
(Image credit/LinkedIn/Craig Shull)
Craig Shull, senior vice president and general manager of the GetFeedback platform at SurveyMonkey

The world is changing rapidly and CX needs are changing with it. CX offerings that require months to year-long implementations. In addition to expensive professional services won’t cut it anymore,” said Craig Shull, senior vice president and general manager of the GetFeedback platform at SurveyMonkey. “Nearly 100% of executives surveyed say it is ‘extremely important’ or ‘important’ their business obtain feedback from their customers quickly. The GetFeedback platform is easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to iterate. It allows users to act on feedback while it’s still relevant.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

SurveyMonkey’s growth of the past few years has been seriously impressive. The company has moved from being another startup with a good idea. To a company with suite of products and solutions designed to help organisations everywhere put their curiosity to work. Every day, people around the world use SurveyMonkey to get answers to more than 20 million questions. Together, those answers make up feedback that drives companies to grow, succeed, and innovate to solve today’s most pressing challenges. The new GetFeedback platform allows users to quickly adapt to evolving customer needs by harnessing the combined power of GetFeedback and Usabilla, which were acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2019. All technology companies are tapping into the customer experience vibe currently popular in the digital world. Consequently, it makes perfect sense for SurveyMonkey to align their products, to this trend.


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