Has business technology focused on the wrong thing - Image credit - Gerd Altmann from PixabayCOVID has seen a resurgence in the popularity of cloud and SaaS solutions as companies enable employees to work remotely, often from home. Why SaaS and why now, are a couple of the questions that Chris Richards, Regional President, UK&I at Unit4 is asked during this podcast. She argues that the key to SaaS is to have a culture of innovation within the organisation. She comments: “It isn’t about TCO, I mean, generally, it should work out more cost-effective. But if you’re not geared up to take advantage of that innovation, then you’re missing a trick.”

Chris Richards, Regional President, UK&I at Unit4
Chris Richards, Regional President, UK&I at Unit4

Culture is important, and Richards advocates finding the innovators within the organisation she commented: “I once heard a statement that did stick with me which was, find your Elon Musk’s in your organisation. Allow them to grow, allow them to try things because every organisation has Elon Musk’s.”

While organisations have adapted quickly, Richards talks about how leaders can embed that culture of change into the future.

One area Richards sees as key, is the amount of communication that business leaders need to initiate within their organisation. She explains how she has adapted to COVID and initiated a cadence of communication that is impressive. That communication and active listening has led to several actions that have helped to alleviate the warning signs of mental health issues and others.

The discussion also covers the future role of IT and the CIO. Richards also reveals how leaders need to consider the individual more than the department in the future. She concludes with the two top priorities she believes that business leaders have as the COVID pandemic evolves.

To hear what Richards had to say, listen to the podcast.

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