Integration partnership link Image credit pixabay/KaseyaIn this podcast, Beata Wright, Executive Vice President of global partner ecosystems at Unit4, talks about what it takes to become a great channel partner. Wright has deep experience of running channel ecosystems and recently concluded a complete revamp of the one at Unit4.

She first defines the different types of channel partner noting that they could “be anywhere from a distributor to a system integrator, a value-added reseller, a co-sell partner.” She argues that a channel partner is nurtured rather than born, inferring that there is oftentimes an evolution.

Beata Wright, Global Head of Partner Ecosystems at Unit4
Beata Wright, Global Head of Partner Ecosystems at Unit4

Wright talks through the key characteristics of a partner and the importance of the partnership with the vendor. She notes “True channel partnerships are based on those shared values, shared goals, alignment in terms of objectives, and the proven success in the market, but takes a lot of time and energy and collaboration. ”

What does the channel partner and the vendor need to offer each other? Each brings their assets to the table. A successful relationship needs “clear guidelines and clear rules of engagement well in advance.” She also explains the other aspects that make a partnership successful.

There will always be tough times in a relationship, not least during such black swan events as COVID-19. What happens then? Partnerships can also go wrong, and she reveals how that can happen, more importantly, how organisations can look to fix the relationship.

Wright also talks about the great relationships, citing Embridge Consulting as an example. Additionally, she reveals how Raven Intel is helping Unit4 and its partners improve. She also explains how an organisation can become a partner. In doing so she reveals the first steps a business leader should take to become one.

To hear what Wright had to say, listen to the podcast.

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