Becoming Secure by Design is no simple process (Image Credit: Garik Barseghyan from Pixabay)Secure by Design is about building in security, starting with the design of a product. It is an approach that both NTT Ltd and Cisco are taking and goes far beyond the idea of secure coding, something that is still challenging for many organisations. But what does it really mean for organisations and can organisations ever really create an internal architecture that is secure?

Simon Chassar, Chief Revenue Officer at NTT Ltd (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Simon Chassar, Chief Revenue Officer at NTT Ltd

In this episode of the Enterprise Times Security Podcast series,  Simon Chassar, Chief Revenue Officer at NTT Ltd, and John Maynard, Vice President, Global Security Sales at Cisco talk about Secure by Design and the challenges it brings. According to Maynard: “The security and frankly the IT industry have been building and designing architectures with security as an afterthought.” It’s a damning but accurate view of the behaviour of the IT industry.

But what about customers? Chassar believes that customers have to understand what they have in their environment. This is not just about IT. They need to identify what is most important to them from Intellectual Property to the data that they control. He says it is about: “Making sure they evolve those security controls and ensure they’ve got the right services or business processes that effectively makes that fully secure and secure by design as an ultimate outcome.”

John Maynard, Vice President, Global Security Sales at Cisco (Image Credit: Cisco)
John Maynard, Vice President, Global Security Sales at Cisco

There are many things that organisations can do to secure their business. All of these will move them closer to the goal of being secure by design. Understanding risk, the complexity of the IT environment, and fragmentation of the IT estate are just some of those.

It is also important that organisations don’t forget employees and processes.

To hear what Chassar and Maynard had to say, listen to the podcast.

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