KeyedIn has announced that it has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification for its PPM solutions and professional services in the UK. The certification process was carried out by the British Assessment Bureau, one of the leading certification bodies in the UK.

Matt Muldoon, Chief Product Officer for KeyedIn, commented: “We’re very pleased to have achieved the ISO 27001 certification because it underscores KeyedIn’s commitment to information security. Companies across dozens of industries count on KeyedIn to efficiently manage the resources, budgets and benefits of their project portfolios. The ISO 27001 certification gives them an extra measure of confidence that vital data will be available and secure.”

Enterprise Times asked KeyedIn whether the internationally recognised certification is in place for all regions that KeyedIn operates in. A spokesperson replied: “The certification is for the UK. It is purely the “Services and operations supporting the KeyedIn Projects application which is hosted from data centres within the UK” which are certified to ISO 27001. It does not cover the US employees or KIP application hosted from data centres within the US or AUS.”

In attaining this standard, KeyedIn will leverage the benefits that accrue. According to KeyedIn these include:

  • Proving to clients an organization keeps their information secure;
  • Achieve operational excellence;
  • Minimize the risk of potential data security breaches;
  • Protects reputation;
  • Reduces errors and costs;
  • Increases business profitability;
  • Improve engagement with employees.

The certification also ensures that KeyedIn has certain processes in place in the event of a complaint or a data breach.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The announcement is timely. With the pandemic, there is an increased focus on cybersecurity. ISO27001:2013 demonstrates to prospects that KeyedIn has a security stance that follows some best practices. It should help to differentiate it during procurement processes.

It may also help should KeyedIn decide to list itself on the Gov.UK Digital marketplace and target the public sector. There is no mention that KeyedIn intends to do this, but it would be a sensible first step. There is an increasing appetite for PPM solutions across the public and private sector as organisations find they need to manage work better.

ISO27001 is an international standard; in some ways, it is disappointing that this initiative was not global and covering a wider remit. Certification for the whole company probably would have been onerous. Extending the scope to the US and Australia for just the PPM solutions and operations should not have been,will KeyedIn extend ISO 27001:2013 across the whole of its PPM operations?


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