Imagiine Work Entrepreneur Image by Tumisu from Pixabay Boomi has launched Work Reimagined. Created using the Boomi Flow low code platform it consists of several applications for organisations currently evolving working practices. Organisations can take advantage of thirty-four apps that Boomi has prebuilt within the Boomi Solutions Catalog. Of these, Work Reimagined contributes thirteen applications. Organisations wanting to use some of these applications can register for a free trial lasting at least 30 days.

Many of the applications were developed in response to the demand raised during the pandemic and subsequent return to an office. Boomi has developed several applications, some with inspiration from customers to meet a definite need.

Chris Port, chief operating officer of Boomi, commented: “HR, IT and Operations leaders have been forced to quickly adapt their processes and systems in a world that is constantly changing while also balancing their pre-existing innovation roadmaps. While chasing moving targets, their heightened responsibility to protect and manage the wellbeing of their people is critical. Work Reimagined supports key use cases that are currently top priority for organizations, and we’re proud to be able to help customers facilitate these urgent changes and put people first.”

Enterprise Times also spoke to Derek Thompson, Vice President, EMEA at Dell Boomi about the launch.

Work Reimagined

Derek Thompson, VP of EMEA Boomi (Image Credit LinkedIn)
Derek Thompson, VP of EMEA Boomi (Image Credit LinkedIn)

Boomi Flow was born out of the acquisition of ManyWho, a low-code development platform. The Solutions catalogue consists of applications created within Bomi Flow that are accessible by a web browser. Each application works between different systems of record; thus, Boomi Flow does not itself hold data. To implement an application the administrator merely needs to connect the applications to the software they use, such as Workday.

Thompson explained how the applications worked saying: “These particular solutions sit at the browser layer, and then leverage the power the boom platform to integrate with anything that you need to integrate with and work reimagined integrates to back end human capital management systems are one of the thousands of application environments that we can connect to.”

Boomi has connectors to all of the top HCM solutions, according to Thompson. Customers can configure the solution is their particular environment does not match the predetermined connectors, thus giving the flexibility that organisations require.

If integrations are required, how does a customer start to use Work Reimagined?

Thompson answered: “How much help you need will depend on how much customization, how complex your environment is. We’d always recommend first time to leverage our professional services organisation or one of our key partners to make sure that you architect for the future. Then it very much becomes self-service once customers are using it, over time we drift out.”

What is available

The Work Reimagined applications include:

  • Answers of Demand (Part of Boomi For Good)
  • Boomi edHub (Part of Boomi For Good)
  • Capacity Tracker (Part of Boomi For Good)
  • Curbside pickup
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Health Status
  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Optimize Onboarding
  • Retail – Supply Chain and Operations
  • Return to Work
  • Supply and Logistics Management
  • Team Operations
  • Worker Lifecycle

Enterprise asked Thompson how the applications came to be developed, whether it was customer demand, customer-led or Boomi themselves. Thompson replied: All of the above. Return to work; we developed it for our purposes for the Boomi worldwide workforce. We’ve then made it available to customers. Some of the others that have been based on working closely with customers and seeing a trend within a given sector.”

There is one other source of the applications that Thompson is proud about. Thompson added: “At the start of the whole COVID pandemic, one thing Boomi did using this platform is a Boomi for Good initiative. When launched, it enabled nonprofits, communities and so on, to leverage our platform. Whether it was just simple Q&A stuff for communities, whether it was chatbots for people to do live Q&A. We had over 2200 users around the world take us up on that. Doing something positive in society was a nice thing for Boomi to have done and a great response to it. Based on exactly the same technology and platform that you see here with Work Reimagined.”

Three of the above applications listed were developed as part of the Boomi for Good initiative.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Boomi has a distinct advantage over some of the other low code platforms. These pre-built applications can be taken and integrated into existing applications without the need for a developer in many cases. This will deliver a speed of implementation and a lower maintenance requirement for Work Imagined users. It is still possible for organisations to customise the workflows and to build connections to other unsupported applications.

This is, however, an initiative that means ultimately, customers will need to purchase the Boomi platform to support these applications. Thompson did indicate that some customers have had trials extended from 30 to 90 days. If companies become reliant on this software, they will need to carefully consider the potential costs before embedding these useful applications into the working processes. Boomi is also hosting a series of virtual events to explain more about the Flow platform.


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