Apple Devices Image by William Iven from PixabayatSpoke has continued to enhance its product during the summer. This time it has added a Jamf integration to its recently launched Integrations Command Centre. Jamf is the standard in Apple Enterprise Management. It enables enterprises to connect, manage and protect their Apple products, apps and corporate resources from cloud-based management solutions. It enables the management of mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, as well as control of MACs.

atSpoke can enable workflows integrated with Jamf to provide faster response times on tickets. Raise a call in Slack about a mobile? atSpoke can automate a workflow which gets the device information from Jamf and presents it to Slack. This effectively gives direct access to the mobile device management (MDM) capabilities in Jamf from within Slack, with AtSpoke creating that integration path.

Sam Weiss, Solution Partner Manager at Jamf, commented: “As IT shifts to support remote operations, it’s important to have integrated tools to ensure users receive fast and accurate support. While most ticketing systems exist to track requests and issues, atSpoke offers a unique solution that combines intuitive internal ticketing with chat, machine learning, and integrations so that internal teams can resolve requests faster. By connecting with advanced tools like this, Jamf’s mission of supporting Apple users is taken one step further by offering contextual information and automated action.”

What does the Jamf integration enable

atSpoke highlights four areas of functionality that IT teams can take advantage of from this integration:

Get work done where you are: Users can trigger actions in Jamf from Slack and atSpoke tickets. Responders can schedule OS updates, lock and erase devices. They can also send blank pushes and manage groups.

Connected internal operations ecosystem: Agents and responders are connected directly with Jamf. User data flows the right people to resolve tickets faster with administrator oversight for flexibility, relevance and security.

Automate and streamline workflows: Users reduce the time and effort required for each ticket. AI can automate the next steps that need to happen in Jamf for faster resolution.

Automatic tracking and visibility: All actions taken on a request from within Slack and the ticket are automatically and synchronously tracked within atSpoke for accountability and visibility.

Déjà vu?

This is not the first time that a Slack/Jamf integration has been created. Tania Dastres demonstrated how to achieve it using the standard APIs in a blog following a presentation she made at Jamf Nation User Conference in 2019 (JNUC19). She demonstrated the benefit this integration could provide to help close support tickets faster. The atSpoke integration takes Dastres’s work a step further. It productises the idea and adds the capability of using additional workflows that could enhance capabilities further and suggest resolution actions to the service desk agents.

It is another example of how atSpoke is enabling the next generation of service desks. Early adopter Kyle Hoffman, head of IT at Sendoso commented: “I really needed a connected IT solution that brings together all my team’s applications, and enables us to work efficiently while delivering excellent employee service. The atSpoke and Jamf integration has been a game-changer for this.

“We can perform actions in other systems without ever leaving the ticket. If I get a ticket about a broken laptop, I can pull up that computer’s diagnostic information from Jamf with one click in atSpoke. I had never heard of a ticketing system that does this before.”

Jay Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO of atSpoke
Jay Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO of atSpoke

Hoffman is not alone, Jay Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO of atSpoke commented: “Based on atSpoke’s customer data, customers are seeing immediate value from the integration, with 35% of Jamf-involved requests needing the user’s device logs and 31% locking the user’s mobile device, all from Slack or the atSpoke ticket. atSpoke is uniquely threaded through all the modern tools that people use for a dispersed workforce. With Jamf and the team’s dominance across Apple Enterprise Management, atSpoke is even more well-suited for the new and still developing era of remote work.”

Sendoso is also participating in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 25, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST entitled: ”The Modern IT Ecosystem: How Sendoso Scales Its Service Desk with Jamf and atSpoke”.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Where next for atSpoke. It has already seen and delivered the benefits of Jamf integration. Its next automation integration is likely to be another pain point for the service desks of its customer. Where it takes the integration next is interesting. It could aim to integrate with another MDM like Airwatch, which alongside Jamf is a leader in the latest G2 Enterprise MDM Grid. Alternatively, it could look to integrate with another type of ITSM solution or even an application.

Hopefully, atSpoke will further empower this integration by leveraging machine learning, and AI. This may enable it to start automating some of the support processes involved with enhanced workflows.


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