Efective home working image credit - agnieszka-boeske-from-unsplashJeff Mills is UK country manager at WordPress VIP, part of the Automattic Group. The company was globally distributed from the start with its first two employees separated by the Atlantic. Mills joined the company recently but has worked remotely for much of his recent career.

Automattic has learnt many lessons during its history which many other companies could learn from. Especially as lockdown eases over the next few months across the globe. The impact on how the company operates is widespread and it begins with recruitment. Mills shares his own story which included not one face to face meeting during the entire process. His interview with the CEO was conducted over several days. What it did, was build relationships, trust and an understanding of how to work in the organisation.

Jeff Mills, UK country manager at WordPress VIP
Jeff Mills, UK country manager at WordPress VIP

When it comes to working hours he says “Actually the proper way to get into homeworking is to define your day”. Key to this is trust, which Mills highlights as a key value when we discussed organisational values.

The podcast also discusses performance, virtual and physical get-togethers, including their frequency. He also highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages of home working that have been highlighted to him over the years and recent weeks. The thorny issue of mental health is touched on.  He concludes by answering the question about how he believes homeworking can become a positive experience for an individual and the company.

To hear what else Mills had to say, listen to the podcast.

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