Salesforce Feedback Management Einstein Screen) (c) 2020 SalesforceJust as SAP announces its intention to move Qualtrics towards an IPO, Salesforce has launched a new feedback solution. Salesforce Feedback Management enables organisations to create personalised surveys for customers, employees or other stakeholders. The new solution can leverage Einstein to analyse and provide deeper insights into the data the surveys collect. The solution is available now as an add-on to Sales, Service, Platform and our Industry-specific clouds.

Feedback Management

This new product in itself may not seem exciting. However, with responses and data embedded into Salesforce, the possibilities for enhancing the customer and employee experience are significant. For customers, data collected by the mobile-enabled survey tool can update the customer record. This can mean that interactions with the customer are immediately improved following feedback if the right process flows are in place.

For employee engagement, this could prove a valuable tool for HCM applications such as Sage People, XCD and others that are native to the Salesforce platform once integrated. It will also be interesting to see whether PSA app vendors such as Cloud Coach, FinancialForce and Kimble integrate their solutions to enhance feedback from professional services consultants and for projects as well.

With 73% of customers expecting businesses they interact with to understand their needs, Feedback Management provides a means to do this.

Businesses can pull data for each customer from existing data to populate each survey. This will make each survey personalised and relevant. Data collected from the survey can then be fed back into the Salesforce platform, update information and create actions for agents to follow up on.

An administrator can add surveys to flows at any point in the customer journey. Thus ensuring that information is up to date and decisions made faster for the benefit of customers. Is a customer scheduled a follow-up call? Allowing them to change the time and methodology of the contact immediately is another potential use case.


When one thinks of surveys, someone somewhere has to analyse the data. While immediate feedback can improve the customer experience, Einstein can help drive further insights from the whole data set. The new solution provides dashboards powered by Einstein that can track customer and employee feedback and provide the next best actions. For example, if a proportion customer satisfaction scores are dropping, Einstein can identify a possible cause of the drop and propose actions to increase the score.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

The initial product does not necessarily deliver anything more than many survey tools out there. The strength of Feedback Management lies it its tight integration with the Salesforce platform. Not just to create surveys but also to ingest responses back and help improve stakeholder experience. Where this becomes exciting is when Salesforce customers and App vendors leverage the new tool to demonstrate its full benefits.

One surprising omission from this announcement is the availability of Feedback Management on Marketing Cloud. There is no date when it might be available either. While not as sophisticated as the Qualtrics solution, Salesforce Feedback Management is clearly targeted at customers considering that solution.


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