COVID-19 Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayRootstock has celebrated the success of Mobidiag as its ERP assisted the diagnostic manufacturer in bringing new products to market during the pandemic crisis. Mobidiag implemented Rootstock ERP in 2018. It believed that moving to a cloud-based ERP solution on the Salesforce platform would enable the company to better focus on its core business. Two years later, the implementation process is just a memory. Mobidiag now has an added reason for it to have chosen the Rootstock manufacturing ERP solution.

Mobidiag is a manufacturer of innovative molecular solutions that advance the diagnosis of infectious disease and antibiotic resistances. As such, it was well placed to lead efforts to find a diagnostic test for COVID-19. To date, it has three tests. In March it announced that it would make and sell the Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test developed by Autobio Diagnostics, a Mobidiag partner.

It has followed that up with two new tests:

In April both Novidiag and Amplidiag were granted emergency use authorisation in Finland. Their use was later authorised in Sweden and France as well. In June it received CE-IVD markings for both tests. It has enabled Movidiag to become a trusted source of COVID-19 test kits for both labs and hospitals around the world.

Together, these tests mean Mobidiag offers a comprehensive diagnostic solution for novel coronavirus infections for hospital and lab-based settings. It comes at an opportune time. There is a high demand for COVID-19 diagnostic devices and tests around the world.

The importance of Rootstock

During the last few months, the importance of Rootstock ERP within the organisation has also grown. The cloud-based solution is available from any location, enabling Mobidiag employees to maintain social distancing. As Mobidiag scaled up the organisation, boosted by a €10 million loan from the European Investment Bank, the cloud solution has continued to support the operation. Had it been using a legacy solution, it may have needed to upgrade the software and hardware to cope with the increased demand. Instead, underpinned by the Salesforce platform, Rootstock can scale up quickly to meet any demand peaks that Mobidiag experiences.

Harri Vaihinen, Senior Business Solution Specialist at Mobidiag
Harri Vaihinen, Senior Business Solution Specialist at Mobidiag

Harri Vaihinen, Senior Business Solution Specialist at Mobidiag, commented: “Since April 2018, we have used Rootstock ERP along with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. We worked with Rootstock to enable greater integration and automation of our key processes across sales, inventory and service for greater efficiency, synchronization and a full view of data across these departments. Since we had this ERP and integrated processes in place, we were able to use these tools to support our rapidly increasing sales, including COVID-19 tests.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Several Rootstock customers are helping in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. In the US, Unionwear switched to making PPE equipment as its orders dried up. Matouk, another Rootstock customer, switched from luxury linens to making masks. It also donated more than 1,000 sets of bed linen to homeless and healthcare organisations. Rootstock has proven the ability of its software to not only scale with organisations. It has also shown its agility to change an organisations focus quickly. It is something ERP solutions are not traditionally associated with.

Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock Software, commented “During the pandemic, Rootstock’s mission has been to support manufacturers, distributors and supply chain organizations in continuing to deliver vital products around the world. It’s impressive to have seen the strides Mobidiag has made to get their COVID-19 tests to market in such an accelerated timeframe. The world needs COVID-19 testing, and it’s gratifying to play even a small role in supporting Mobidiag in their objective to detect COVID-19 infections and slow the spread of the virus.”

Rootstock has also quietly delivered its own initiatives to help against COVID-19. It partnered with Propel, a PLM solution on the Salesforce platform to provide a free solution as part of the initiative. That has enabled companies to switch production to healthcare-related products.

It also worked with,  a design group based out of Italy who designed a public IP ventilator. They leveraged Rootstock supply chain capabilities and Salesforce to create a community to enable organisations to leverage the ventilator design, from a sourcing and supply point of view. Source: Deal Architect podcast.

Modernising a 90 year old manufacturer

Unionwear scales up with Rootstock


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